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    40th anniversary of superfly movie

    Hey everyone! Below is a link to my article on the 40th anniversary of the classic "Superfly" movie. Hope you enjoy!


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    40 years,forty! amazing.only watched it when it was released.i suppose it must have been on uk tv but i cant remember if it has.

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    Hi this is Kev-Lo

    Alway's loved this movie and a awsome soundtrack.

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    Nice article.

    Loved the line about "uses his karate skills".....cause thanks to Bruce Lee, et al, everybody had karate skills during this era.

    This laid the blueprint for Today's Playas. In the past people rarely expressed the desire to get outta the Game. The plan was to rise to the top.....let others get their hands dirty...but remain in the game. Nowadays, everyone talks about hitting a limit, quitting and going legit. Only thing that hasn't changed is the single digit success rate.

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    Would you believe I have never had the opportunity to see the movie? I've owned four versions of the album, and two CD masterings, but never saw that movie.

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    I would think the movie would seem "campy" for those that were not there at the time. The music lives on more or less timeless. The movie can only be enjoyed in the fullest by those who were there at the time period. It was something socially new and relavent for it's time. You had to have been there at that place and time to understand the visuals and technicals of the time. The music however is............timeless.

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