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    Post The Grandfather of Motown: Dr. Beans Bowles "Fingertips" The Untold Story


    To The Friends of Dr. Beans Bowles:

    As you all know Dr. Beans Bowles made his transition in January of 2000. This was a great lost for the music industry, friends and family of this legend. We will all miss his smiles and laughter as well as the melodies that Beans carried to each and every one of us that crossed his path. During his journey of seventy-three years (in this life) Dr. Beans Bowles covered a lot of territory. Most of his experiences and memories died with him as only Beans would be able to deliver in detail. Many of his deeds and history are left in the minds of those that he loved and people that love him. Dr. Beans Bowles Sr. legacy continues to grow. Three Bee’s Production Company was a business that he started in the early seventies and there are still one Bee alive and buzzing.
    “ The fruit doesn’t fall to far from the tree,” Beans would always say!

    There was “The Tribute To Dr. Beans Bowles” in 1992(DVD on Demand) (at the State Theater in beautiful downtown Detroit) that was a smashing success. Then there was “The Roast To Dr. Beans Bowles in December 17, 1999(DVD on Demand) that was also held at the State Theater given in his honor one month before he passed away.. Both affairs were given by the efforts of his two son’s Harold and Dennis and delivered to the public by God. It would be only natural to perceive that his life story be documented from videotape to television or from pen to paper.

    “The Un-Told Story” is the life story of “Dr. Beans Bowles Fingertips”, the Grandfather of Motown. A partial autobiography told by Beans himself, written by his son Dennis from history and facts that were given to him from Beans, as well as the stories and facts that were taken off video tape from people that were part of his life. Berry Gordy, Stevie Wonder, The Late Earl Van Dyke, The Whispers, Smokey Robinson, The Four Tops, The Miracles, The Spinners, Martha Reeves, Gladys Knight, Kim Weston, The Temptations, Chuck Jackson, Mary Wilson, the Contours, The Late O.C. Smith, all played a part in making this book possible.

    We are now offering to you a copy of this work “Dr. Beans Bowles Fingertips” (The Un-Told Story) This book covers the history of his roots that date back to the 1800’s in Little Rock, Arkansas through 2000 in Detroit, MI.

    I'm proud to announce that an e-book is available on Amazon.com/Beans Bowles

    For the physical copy go to web site: www.beansbowlesfingertips.com

    For more information please call 313 205-8321 or e-mail me at Dbowles213@aol.com &Dennis.Bowles.3@ Facebook.com

    Dennis "Sho-Nuff" Bowles
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    Many thanks for posting this. I knew your old man well and always liked and respected him. I'm sticking this thread to the top so all can see it.

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    No problem Ralph...I need all the help I can get. God made me the keeper of the goods. It's up to me to keep the legacy alive & pass on the history. Last Man Standing!!!!!!

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    I have the book already but I was interested in the DVD's. Are they available?

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    No...... they're ready to be packaged. How ever..... I've got to make one step at a time. My brother & partner passed last year and I'm somewhat crippled. I'm still morning and learning how to walk by myself. I'll let you know when they're available. I'll probably upload some snipets for you to see until then.

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    Thanks for letting us know Dennis. Take it easy.

    All things come to those that wait and I'm happy to wait.

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    I was there at the tribute to Dr. Bowles at the State Theater in 1992. I have the great opportunity to meet in 1994 at Chene Park thanks to Mrs. Edwards. He was truly one of a kind and a great man as well as musician.

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    Hi Dennis,

    It's Tim from Toronto. I am so happy to see the book available on Soulful Detroit so that everyone can read about your Dad. You know he was like a Grandpa I never had so I hope many take the opportunity to learn about him by buying your book. I know things have been rough for you after losing Harold but stay strong my friend.

    All the best,


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    Great story and one that definitely needs telling BUT I have purchased the kindle edition and it needs re-editing. Some lines only has a couple of words before there is a line break and this can be spread over half a dozen lines in some cases which makes it hard work to read. I don't know it it is the pictures and the wrapping of the lines round the pictures that is causing this but it is spoiling my reading pleasure of what should be an enjoyable read about one of soul musics legends.
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