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    Britannia and Ultimate Motown Collection box sets

    Hi all!

    I've had this topic circulating in several music buff forums. SDF, you're my last hope!

    I recall reading that the two multi-volume CD series Motown: The History (also known as the "Britannia" box set) and The Ultimate Motown Collection feature alternate mixes and/or alternate version of familiar songs. I'm interested in buying them, but I'm not sure if they're worth it. What alternate mixes and alternate versions feature on the volumes of the two series mentioned above that you are aware of?

    Here are the series and their respective volumes (please correct me if something's amiss):

    Motown - The History: In The Beginning (530 701)
    Motown - The History: The Dream (530 702)
    Motown - The History: Family Affair (530 703)
    Motown - The History: Movin' On Up (530 704)
    Motown - The History: Here To Stay (530 705)
    Motown - The History: The Love Songs (530 706/7/8)
    Motown - The History: The Happening (530 709)
    Motown - The History: Changing Times (530 710)
    Motown - The History: A New Direction (530 711)
    Motown - The History: Funky Psychedelia (530 712)
    Motown - The History: Silk 'n' Soul (530 713)
    Motown - The History: Musical Revolution (530 714)
    Motown - The History: Boogie Down (530 715-2)
    Motown - The History: A Quiet Storm (530 716-2)
    Motown - The History: On The Upside (530 717-2)
    Motown - The History: Cruisin' (530 718-2)
    Motown - The History: Behind The Groove (530 719-2)
    Motown - The History: Endless Love (530 720-2)
    Motown - The History: All Night Long (530 721-2)
    Motown - The History: Rhythm Of The Night (530 722-2)
    Motown - The History: One Heartbeat (530 723-2)
    Motown - The History: A New Era (530 724-2)

    The Ultimate Motown Collection: Love Songs
    The Ultimate Motown Collection: The Sixties
    The Ultimate Motown Collection: Soul Brothers
    The Ultimate Motown Collection: Midnight Soul
    The Ultimate Motown Collection: Girl Groups
    The Ultimate Motown Collection: Soul Mates
    The Ultimate Motown Collection: Male Groups
    The Ultimate Motown Collection: Soul Sisters
    The Ultimate Motown Collection: Dance Party
    The Ultimate Motown Collection: The Seventies
    The Ultimate Motown Collection: The Early Years
    The Ultimate Motown Collection: Motown Makeover

    My apologies to all who might already be familiar with and/or have responded to this thread in other forums. I've learned some important facts about the sets, but I have a feeling that there might be more to learn out there.

    Thanks in advance!

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    The history box set

    mr postman hello

    you are the only one who seems to know anything about this set

    i have been trying to locate a track listing for this set in particular the cd Musical Revolution (530 714)

    as this has been lost and i wish to replace the missing tracks

    any help will be much appreciated


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    RossHolloway Guest
    Wasn't this set released only in England/Europe?

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    I have this set but it's stored away somewhere. Mick Wilding (see facebook) or Grapevine will likely have easy access to that information. I recall that Mick bought each CD as it was released. There were some unusual tracks but as time went on, they were issued somewhere else. I seem to recall that there's a count-in on a Shorty Long track which still hasn't been released.

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    The tracks are:
    - take a look around - Temptations
    - Love isn't here - Frankie Valli
    - Rockin' robin - Michael Jackson
    - no one's gonna be a fool forever - Thelma Houston
    - good morning heartache - Diana Ross
    - i wanna be where you are - Michael Jackson
    - the night - Frankie Valli + The Four Seasons
    - Automatically sunshine - The Supremes
    - that's how love goes - Jermaine Jackson
    - girl you need a change of mind - Eddie Kendricks
    - lookin' through the windows - Jackson 5
    - doctor my love - Jackson 5
    - to know you is to love you - Syreeta
    - daddy could swear, I declare - Gladys Knight + The Pips
    - ben - Michael Jackson
    - i can't stand to see you cry - Smokey Robinson + The Miracles
    - papa was a rolling stone - The Temptations
    - daddy's home - Jermaine Jackson
    - neither one of us - Gladys Knight + The Pips
    - trouble man - Marvin Gaye
    - law of the land - Temptations
    - Masterpiece - Temptations

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    Name:  530700d.jpg
Views: 3006
Size:  69.2 KB Promotional leaflet for the Britannia set

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    Mick Wilding has put pictures of the whole Britannia series on Facebook.....he's either psychic or seen this thread!

    Or even both!!


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    Don't think it is the whole series xtown, just the first 8 CD's from the 1960's plus the freebee, Love Songs.

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    Name:  530700c.jpg
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    Britannia Box Set

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    Name:  530-701-2a.jpg
Views: 3253
Size:  101.1 KB
    Name:  530-701-2b.jpg
Views: 2915
Size:  95.0 KB
    Name:  530-701-2c.jpg
Views: 2966
Size:  92.4 KB

    The first CD from the Box Set - In The Beginning

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    Name:  530-702-2a.jpg
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Size:  98.6 KB
    Name:  530-702-2b.jpg
Views: 2677
Size:  96.5 KB
    Name:  530-702-2c.jpg
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    The Dream

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    I see the 1970's albums in the Britannia series are now up on Mick Wilding's Facebook page

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    musicman, I don't know nothing about these sets, and it seems not many people do. Regarding the tracklist to MUSICAL REVOLUTION, I think this may be it: http://grooveshark.com/#!/album/Moto...lution/5995943

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    Name:  530-714-2b.jpg
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    Musical Revolution

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    Hi All
    I will try to keep this short, so in no particular order.

    mr postman,
    Your details for the History set are correct.

    Possibly, I bought mine through Britannia Music (at the time they were
    cheaper than most shops for any CD ) around 1997, 1 CD a month i

    This most definitely a result, 20 out of 10.
    now all i have to do is find the tracks (or maybe a CD if some sets
    have been broken up). I have seen the odd CD from this set on ebay
    or somewhere like it.

    funny enough I remember this leaflet, i guess you have this set as
    I did wonder if i would get a reply let alone the time you seem to have
    taken with this.

    Thank you everyone who has taken the time to reply to me. All I have
    to do now is locate the songs and my set will be complete again.
    I will no doubt be back if i run into problems.

    Thanks once again all of you.

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    OK, where is it, and where can I buy some of it on Amazon????

    Honestly, after some search across the net about such a set, I feel teased and tormented now; to just hear about such a formidable collection, only to learn that chances are, I'll never find it, not in a long time, or if ever I find it, will be priced at insanely HUGE, rare-out-of-print "deleted" CD prices!!!!

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    I bought the Britannia sets, 60s 70s 80s and there was a 2 CD Love songs included.
    The CDs arrived every 2 weeks or so.
    A 'presentation' box was advertised but I didn't receive it. After much difficulty..i.e. trying to speak to a human being, I told them that I wanted my box ( special design with Motown logo etc, suitable to house all the CDs)
    I received a black plastic case suitable for holding about 12 tape/cassettes!!!
    Eventually I got my box....

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    Hi ngroove
    I did see a set last year sometime on ebay, but it had already gone.

    always thought this was a set that that was sold in fairly large numbers, but maybe not, "hard to find" could be quite an understatement.

    the only other reference i found was at http://eil.com
    ITEM REF MTWBXTH507811 (Motown the history box set)

    you could also try http://991.com

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    Quote Originally Posted by musicman View Post
    Hi ngroove
    I did see a set last year sometime on ebay, but it had already gone.
    If you keep looking on ebay, you'll see another set available soon - as I'm about to put my set for sale on there. It will only be available to the UK - as the postage overseas is so high, plus I can not be sure that it will be delivered.

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    These are great CD sets. The Ultimate Motown Collection 3 CD sets (from Reader's Digest) now go for tiny amounts and yet there are some unusual tracks on many of them. Add to that the nice informative booklets with notes from Sharon Davies - what's not to like?

    As an example, here's the tracks from Soul Brothers.
    Abraham, Martin & John - Marvin Gaye
    (You're My) Afrodisiac - Dennis Edwards
    Big Time - Rick James
    The Bigger Your Heart Is - Tony Martin
    Boogie Down - Eddie Kendricks
    Burnin Hot - Jermaine Jackson
    Chained - Paul Peterson
    Don't You Miss Me A Little Bit Baby - Jimmy Ruffin
    Down To Earth - Billy Eckstine
    Farewell My Summer Love - Michael Jackson
    For Once In My Life - Stevie Wonder
    Gonna Keep On Tryin Till I Win Your Love - Edwin Starr
    Got To Be There - Michael Jackson
    Got To Give It Up (1) - Marvin Gaye
    Headline News - Edwin Starr
    Hearts On Fire - Sam Harris
    Heavy Love - David Ruffin
    Hello - Lionel Richie
    Here Come The Judge - Shorty Long
    Honey Come Back - Chuck Jackson
    Hope - Billy Preston
    I Heard It Through The Grapevine - Marvin Gaye
    I Let Love Slip Away - David Ruffin
    I Love You So - Billy Preston
    I Miss You Baby - Marv Johnson
    In and Out - Willie Hutch
    Indiana Wants Me - R Dean Taylor
    It Will Come In Time - Billy Preston & Syreeta
    Its Wonderful to be Loved By You - Jimmy Ruffin
    Jamie - Eddie Holland
    Just My Soul Responding - Smokey Robinson
    Just To See Her - Smokey Robinson
    Keep On Truckin - Eddie Kendricks
    Let's Get Serious - Jermaine Jackson
    Love Isn't Here Like It Used To Be - Frankie Valli
    Melodie - Bobby Darin
    Money - Barrett Strong
    My Love - Lionel Richie
    Talkin To Your Picture - Tony Martin
    Teach Me Tonight - Stevie Wonder & Levi Stubbs
    Tell Me Tomorrow (1) - Smokey Robinson
    There's A Ghost In My House - R Dean Taylor
    Tomorrow's Tears - Jimmy Ruffin
    Try A Little Tenderness - Dennis Edwards
    Under The Boardwalk - Bruce Willis
    Walk Away From Love - David Ruffin
    War - Edwin Starr
    What The World Needs Now - Tom Clay
    What You Gave Me - David Ruffin
    Why Do You Want To Let Me Go - Marv Johnson
    Yester Me, Yester You, Yesterday - Stevie Wonder
    Your Love Gets Me Burnin Alive - Paul Peterson

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    The Ultimate Motown Collection - Girl Groups

    Ain't No Place Like Motown - Velvelettes
    Ain't That Good News - Supremes
    All Night Long - Mary Jane Girls
    As Long As I Know He's Mine - Marvelettes
    Automatically Sunshine - Supremes
    Baby Love - Supremes
    A Bird In the Hand (Is Worth Two In The Bush) - Velvelettes
    Bless You - MReeves/Vandellas
    Boys - Mary Jane Girls
    Chain Gang - Supremes
    Cheatin' Is Telling On You - Lollipops
    Come See About Me - DRoss/Supremes
    The Composer - DRoss/Supremes
    Destination Anywhere - Marvelettes
    Floy Joy - Supremes
    Forever Came Today - DRoss/Supremes
    Give Me Some Feeling - Three Ounces of Love
    He Was Really Sayin' Somethin' - Velvelettes
    Here I Am Baby - Marvelettes
    He's A Good Guy (Yes He Is) - Marvelettes
    Honey Chile - MReeves/Vandellas
    I Can't Dance To That Music You're Playing - MReeves/Vandellas
    I Love The Man - MReeves/Vandellas
    I'm The Exception To The Rule - Velvelettes
    In and Out Of Love - DRoss/Supremes
    In My House - Mary Jane Girls
    Jimmy Mack - MReeves/Vandellas
    Learning To Trust My Man - Sister's Love
    Let Love Last (A Little Bit Longer) - Velvelettes
    Like A Nightmare - Andantes
    Little Girl Blue - Marvelettes
    Live Wire - MReeves/Vandellas
    Lonely, Lonely Girl Am I - Velvelettes
    Love Bug Leave My Heart Alone - MReeves/Vandellas
    Make me Yours - High Inergy
    Miss Your Love - Emotions
    Moonlight On The Beach - Lewis Sisters
    Mr Fix-It Man - Sister's Love
    My Baby Loves Me - MReeves/Vandellas
    My Baby Must Be A Magician - Marvelettes
    No Matter What Sign You Are - DRoss/Supremes
    Reachin' For Something I Can't Have - Marvelettes
    Shake - DRoss/Supremes
    Should I Tell Them - Velvelettes
    Since You've Been Loving Me - Velvelettes
    Someday We'll Be Together - DRoss/Supremes
    Star Love - Three Ounces Of Love
    Too Many Fish In The Sea - Marvelettes
    Wild One - MReeves/Vandellas
    You Are My Heaven - Mary Jane Girls
    You Can't Turn Me Off - High Inergy
    You Captured My Heart - High Inergy
    You're My Remedy - Marvelettes
    You're The One - Marvelettes

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    I bought the Girl Groups fatbox.

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    Did the booklet that came with your Girl Groups set have most of the pages out of order (and the alphabetical track list stopping at "Reaching for Something I Can't Have")?

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    I will check and see. I haven't got it yet . It was shipped from the UK. But I paid more for it than I meant because I've seen cheaper copies on Ebay for set sale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mysterysinger View Post
    Did the booklet that came with your Girl Groups set have most of the pages out of order (and the alphabetical track list stopping at "Reaching for Something I Can't Have")?
    Mysterysinger, yes the pages in my copy are totally out of order and printed in such a random way that it's impossible to rearrange them so as to make the booklet easily readable. I have the other titles in this series and their booklets are all fine.

    With regard to the alphabetical track list, mine too stops at "Reaching for Something I Can't Have". Have you also noticed that page 22, on which "Reaching....." is listed at the bottom, is duplicated as page 24, and 23 which backs it, is also repeated as 25? Clearly the typesetter wasn't having a good day! It's such a shame that these mistakes weren't noticed before the set was issued and, as I don't think this was ever reprinted, it's likely that all copies are the same.
    Last edited by motownjohnny; 07-08-2013 at 08:54 AM.

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    Yes mine is the same as your booklet and it is a shame because these are informative pieces. However, the three sets of the Ultimate I currently have, Love Songs, Soul Brothers and Girl Groups cost only 0.01, 0.47 and 1.99 respectively so I really can't complain. Just looking out for the others at this kind of price lol. But they are good sets to have! Have most of the History CDs too but still picking up the last few. This is the joy of collecting!

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    My booklet's pages were out of order as well. I was reading the paragraph about the battles of the Motown acts at the Greystone and it continued on another page, but the part I expe-cted to read was not there. The photos are nice though.

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    The Ultimate Motown Collection - The Sixties
    25 Miles – Edwin Starr
    A Little Bit For Sandy – Paul Petersen
    Ain’t Too Proud To Beg – Temptations
    All For You – Earl Van Dyke
    Behind A Painted Smile – Isley Bros
    Bernadette – Four Tops
    Cloud Nine – Temptations
    Come On And See Me – Tammi Terrell
    (Come Round Here) I’m The One You Need – Smokey / Miracles
    Don’t Mess With Bill – Marvelettes
    Festival Time – San Remo Strings
    Get Ready – Temptations
    Gonna Give Her All The Love I’ve Got – Jimmy Ruffin
    Gotta See Jane – R. Dean Taylor
    The Happening – Supremes
    Heatwave – MReeves / Vandellas
    I Can’t Give Back The Love I Feel For You – Rita Wright
    I Got A Feeling – Barbara Randolph
    I Guess I’ll Always Love You – Isley Bros
    I Heard It Through The Grapevine – GKnight / Pips
    I Second That Emotion – Smokey / Miracles
    If I Were A Carpenter – Four Tops
    I’ll Keep On Holding On – Marvelettes
    Road Runner – Jr Walker / All Stars
    I’m Livin In Shame – DRoss / Supremes
    It Should Have Been Me – GKnight / Pips
    It’s The Same Old Song – Four Tops
    I’ve Lost Everything I’ve Ever Loved – David Ruffin
    I’ve Passed This Way Before – Jimmy Ruffin
    Laughing Boy – Mary Wells
    Love Child – DRoss / Supremes
    My Baby Just Cares For Me – Mary Wells
    My Whole World Ended – David Ruffin
    Needle In A Haystack – Velvelettes
    The Nitty Gritty – GKnight / Pips
    Nowhere To Run – MReeves / Vandellas
    Oh How Happy – Edwin & Blinky
    Ooo Baby Baby – Smokey / Miracles
    A Place In The Sun – DRoss / Supremes / Temptations
    Reflections – DRoss / Supremes
    Shop Around – Miracles
    Shotgun – Jr Walker / All Stars
    Standing In The Shadows Of Love – Four Tops
    Stop! In The Name Of Love – Supremes
    Take Me In Your Arms – Kim Weston
    Take This Heart Of Mine – Marvin Gaye
    This Old Heart Of Mine – Isley Bros
    Too Busy Thinking Bout My Baby – Marvin Gaye
    Uptight – Stevie Wonder
    You Ain’t Livin Till You’re Lovin – Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
    You Need Me – Lewis Sisters
    You’re Gonna Love My Baby – Barbara McNair
    You’ve Made Me So Very Happy – Brenda Holloway

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    Some interesting tracks on here.
    The Ultimate Motown Collection – Soul Mates

    After The Lights Go Down Low – Marvin Gaye & Mary Wells
    Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Tammi Terrell & Marvin Gaye
    Baby Say Yes – Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston
    The Battle Song – Temptations & Four Tops
    Be Kind To The Growing Mind – Smokey Robinson / Temptations
    Blame It On Love – Smokey Robinson / Barbara Mitchell
    California Soul – Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
    Come Get This Thing – GC Cameron / Willie Hutch
    Deep River Woman – Lionel Richie / Alabama
    Don’t Look Any Further – Dennis Edwards / Siedah Garrett
    Ebony Eyes – Rick James feat Smokey Robinson
    Endless Love – Lionel Richie / Diana Ross
    First Time On A Ferris Wheel – Smokey Robinson / Syreeta
    (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons – Marvin Gaye & Mary Wells
    Go For It – Billy Preston / Syreeta
    Got To Get You Into My Life – DRoss / Supremes / Temptations
    Hang – Four Tops / Temptations
    Hello Stranger – Supremes / Four Tops
    I Need You Right Now – Jr Walker / Thelma Houston
    I second That Emotion – DRoss / Supremes / Temptations
    I Want You Round – Marvin Gaye & Mary Wells
    If I Could Build My Whole World Around You – Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
    I’m A Sucker For Your Love – Teena Marie / Rick James
    It Takes All Kinds Of People – Stoney & Meatloaf
    It Takes Two – Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston
    It’s A Lifetime Thing – Thelma Houston & Jerry Butler
    Just For You – Billy Preston / Syreeta
    Just Say, Just say – DRoss & Marvin Gaye
    Let’s Make A Deal – Syreeta & GC Cameron
    My Girl, My Guy – DRoss / Supremes / Temptations
    My Mistake (Was To Love You) – DRoss & Marvin Gaye
    Oh How Happy – Edwin Starr & Blinky
    Once Upon A Time – Marvin Gaye & Mary Wells
    The Onion Song – Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
    Please Stay – Billy Preston & Syreeta
    Pledging My Love – DRoss & Marvin Gaye
    River Deep, Mountain High – Supremes / Four Tops
    Searchin’ – Billy Preston & Syreeta
    So Good To Be Loved By You – Marvin Gaye & Oma Heard
    Standing On The Top – Temptations feat Rick James
    Stay With Love – Jermaine Jackson & Syreeta
    Two Can Have a Party – Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
    Used To Be – Charlene / Stevie Wonder
    What Goes Up Must Come Down – Holland / Dozier
    What Have We Got To Lose – Four Tops / Aretha Franklin
    What You See Is What You Get – Stoney & Meatloaf
    Where Do We Go From Here – Johnny Gill / Stacey Lattislaw
    Where Would I Be Without You, Baby – Supremes / Four Tops
    Why (Must we Fall In Love) – DRoss / Supremes / Temptations
    Why Do People Fall In Love – Dennis Edwards & Thelma Houston
    You Gotta Have Love In Your Heart – Supremes / Four Tops
    You’ll Never Rock Alone – Jermaine Jackson & Tata Vega
    Your Love Was Worth Waiting For – David & Jimmy Ruffin
    You’re A Special Part Of Me – DRoss & Marvin Gaye

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    Name:  TUMC001A Love Songs.jpg
Views: 1915
Size:  31.6 KBName:  TUMC001B Love Songs.jpg
Views: 1994
Size:  36.3 KBName:  TUMC002A The Sixties.jpg
Views: 1902
Size:  20.9 KBName:  TUMC002B The Sixties.jpg
Views: 1865
Size:  35.0 KBName:  TUMC003A Soul Brothers.jpg
Views: 1990
Size:  36.3 KBName:  TUMC003B Soul Brothers.jpg
Views: 1982
Size:  42.2 KB
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Found the whole Britannia box set.......

    Bought it on eBay in the UK...it arrived two days after I paid for it, very fast mail service all the way to Tennessee.

    It wasn't cheap, but no more than it would have cost (actually less) that it would have cost on subscription at the time it was being sold.

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    One of my favourite pastimes is trolling thrift shops for unusual compact discs. While I seldom encounter Motown related artists, this collection intrigued me. Released in 2001 for the Canadian market, this three CD set is entitled "Reader's Digest Music Presents The Motown Collection." Unfortunately the set I found only had the first disc, but a fun addition to my Motown Library for $2! I googled this set to see if I could find a complete set, but no luck to date.Name:  DSC03483.jpg
Views: 198
Size:  89.9 KB


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