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    Thanks Mary, I will be also looking out for the latest information on one of my favorite groups The Jive Five. I have heard that Gene Pitt is one of the singers on the new Aaron Neville cd, I will be purchasing that gem.

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    Hi Misty,

    It is great to see you also in the house,

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    Hey Sister Vonnie,
    Good to see your face in the place Sis!
    Got my eye on your "Soul Son" Youngblood, he can really bring the goods! Fabulous old school soul voice!!!
    {{{BIG BIG HUGS}}},
    Soul Sister

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    BTW, my good friends Chazz Dixon & Robert Deblanc (of Little Anthony & The Imperials) will be joining up too!!

    YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Soul Sister

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    Chazz was pleased to hear we're back. It will be great to see Robert here, too, with great info, I'm sure. I've put the word out to Spyder Turner. Hope he starts posting again, too.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ralpht View Post
    Hey Vonnie. Nice to see you in the house.
    Thanks Ralph

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    Thanks Soul Sister, it is great to see you also. This is a great reunion for all of us!

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    Hi there!! I have been here some years ago--with Vonnie and Soul Sister--been away for sometime and now I am BACK!! I am Patricia A. Washington author of bedfrod Street Memoirs Living On My Block (In The 60's) and I am currently working on my new cook book. I am also a radio personality. You can find me every Thursday from 4PM to 7Pm on the DJ Mel Time Tunnel with DJ Merl and Patricia "Sweet Pea" Washington--on loudcity.com! It feels great to be back among folks who live and love music. And on that note I just want to say--I am administraor for the OFFICIAL Fan Page of the ORIGINAL MARVELETTES. The page is endorsed by Katherine Anderson Schaffner and she posts every now and then!!! And by the way..you may call me Sweet Pea!!!

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    Name:  DJ Mel - Time Tunnel - Beta 6.jpg
Views: 779
Size:  109.0 KB This is where you can find me on Thursdays!!!

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    Welcome back, Sweet Pea. Keep us informed on the new book.

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    Hey Sweet Pea! Good to see you back.

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    Ahhhhhhhhhhh.....you finally made it over here.
    Great to see you Sweet Pea!!!


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    Just remembered a couple others from the early days:
    StuBass, he could be a funny character at times, he had his own "Charlie's Angels" group called Stubass's Angels if I remember correctly there was a lady named Fayette, Stephanie (Hi Stephanie!), Medusa, and a some point myself, it was all silly & fun, we had some good laughs over it!!!
    I also remember N.Y.C.Diva & her boyfriend, cool people.
    Later,much later a lady who was definately on the inside of the music biz or at least on tour or a part of alot of stage shows used the name Coco, she could be quite funny too!!!

    The old memory is still a work in progress, lol!!!

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    I forgot about "Stu's Angels" Soul Sister. Maybe he will re-create them.

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    Hey Sweet Pea,

    Good to see you finally made it in. Let's have fun.


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    Yes Ralph, Stu was a trip with his "Angels", lol, lol!!


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    From what I remember, he had quite a crew....

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    He tried to invite me, too...

    Best regards
    Heikki (Mr.)

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    Heikki! He must of thought you were a young woman.


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    I remember when I first joined Stu thought I was a man......until I set him straight

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    Quote Originally Posted by moe View Post
    I remember when I first joined Stu thought I was a man......until I set him straight
    Hi Moe...Are you telling me that you're a chick???

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    Where have you been???

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    Right here...So I see Moe, Mary G & Soul Sister (bless her heart) hanging out here. I try to keep up whenever I can. Funny...After golfing today my golf buddy says he's going to an off track betting bar at a local bowling alley???...I had heard about this place and sure enough...thats the deal. It's 3:30 in the afternoon...I'm at a sports betting place with television screens showing horse racws from around the world...Shit...I've gotta go buy groceries and go home. Anyways, I let my buddy buy me a beer, lose a couple of races and I'm ready to split when I Look at the next race at Santa Anita and the t horse is named...MOTOWN MEN...Swear to god, so my buddy and Lisa the barmaid get on the horse at my insistance. Motown Man WINS...mile on the turf. I had him across (Win, Place, Show)...won back what I lost on the othee races and made me some money...filled up the tank (premium), headed to the grocery store and here I am...sitting around cooking up some lobster tails. Back to workntomorrow...

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    Sounds like a good day, Stu. Take 'em when they come.

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    Thats pretty prophetic Ralph...even if it's just a hundred or two lol...

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    Hi Stu,
    Ralph is hoping you'll start up the Stubass Angels again.
    Good to see you!


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    Mr. SoulExpress!

    Love You!

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    I'm smiling! Welcome back, everyone!

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    Thank you, soulster. Smiling is good.
    I am enjoying all the good memories and fun!!!
    We are like family here coming together again and keeping it moving.


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    Welcome Dream and Soul Sister. Everyone be sure to look out for these girls. They are a couple of dolls.

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    Awwwwww......thank you, M.M., you are too sweet.


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    [QUOTE=Soul Sister;145306][B][I][FONT=comic sans ms][SIZE=4][COLOR=#0000ff]Hi Stu,
    Ralph is hoping you'll start up the Stubass Angels again.
    Good to see you!

    Hi S.S...Great to hear that you and Jimmy are doing so well. As for a reunion of me & the girls...I dunno? My strut is a pace or two slower, and I worry that some of the Angels may be suffering osteoperwingosis? Huh? What do you think, as I believe that our Ralphie is just trying to stir up the pot?

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    Thank you, Soulster. It's good to be back.

    MM, you know how fond I am of you. Thank you for the kind words. It's good to be back in the fold with old friends and new ones.

    Stu~~I was never one of your angels and I don't have osteo~~maybe that's why. lol

    Last edited by JIVE FIVE Mary G.; 02-10-2013 at 01:49 PM.

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    We're all older now. Fire it up again dude. Your angels will take care of the rest.

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    I dunno Ralph...It would be kinda tough corralling all those Angels on my Hoverround...

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    ...Can one of you girls stop by Walgreens and pick me up a box of depends ???

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    Hey Angels! It looks like your head boy is getting a little long in the tooth.Better tend to him before he leaks all over the forum.

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    Unfortunately the tooth is the only thing Daddy Angel is getting long in these days, but Ralph...I'm planning a BIG comeback.

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    Hello Fam,
    It's good to see and read comments by so so many again!!!
    Hey S.S, Jive Five Mary, Vonnie, Tsull, Heikki, Robert, and our moderator Ralph (thank you), it's truly soulful!!

    Last edited by voyce-cz; 03-03-2013 at 07:59 AM.

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    Hi Chazz!
    It's good to see you too my friend.


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    Hi Chazz!!

    I knew you planned to start posting again. So glad to see you here. I love seeing familiar faces.


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    I'll be watching your come back with great interest. the Angels were always a special group to me and I always liked the concept, absurd as it was.

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    So nice to see you, old friend. Welcome back.

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    Thank you for the acceptance guys!

    I am a drummer, but also multi / instruntmentalist musician, from Greece, currently living in Berlin. Lots of Luv to everybody and I can't wait to start making my way to the forums Question: Is there any specific forum for killer / down tempo/ soul songs/ records that I can see? I am looking for songs like "don't be surprised" by Lynn Williams, "is it because I'm black" and so on...I am currently in this soulful down tempo mood Thanks again guys! Amazing work ! Keep it up!

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    Hey thank you for the love. It's good to be back home!!

  47. Hi Motown and soul music fans! I live in Los Angeles, and am glad to finally be accepted as a member here. I've lurked here for a long while unable to officially join because of the temporary restriction on new members.

    Born in 1965, I'm happy to bring my more than 25 years of serious soul music collecting here. I've was blessed to be among the generation that grew up from infancy into adulthood during the 'Soul Music' era in the US, and was able to appreciate the talent and genius of so many legendary musicians, writers and artists to who've left an indelible mark on American culture. Among my most recent additions to my collection are the limited editions of Lost & Found: Mary Wells 'Something New' and the Jackson 5 'Rare Pearls' sets. In addition I own all of the Complete Motown Singles box set reissues, and am overjoyed with the news that UMG will resume progressively releasing all the A & B side singles with sets '12' and '12A'!

    Thank you so much Mr. Ralph Terrana.


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    Welcome aboard, Marty!

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    Hey Marty and oldboy,
    Glad to have you with us. Enjoy the forum.

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    Hi, my name is Julius, and I'm based in Australia. I've been a huge fan of Motown and specifically The Supremes (in all their incarnations) from the time I found a 20 track greatest hits cassette of the ladies in my mum's record collection as a little kid. That started a passion for a pretty broad taste in RnB-Soul music that has never really abated.

    I have come across these boards on a number of occasions when googling specific topics so thought it timely to join up and hopefully add a little value to the conversation.

    Many thanks for having me,



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