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    Welcome to your new clubhouse

    Please return your snifters to the counter and empty your ash trays before you leave.

    Lobo the test dummie

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    Welcome to the new & improved Clubhouse!

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    Ok so they put in new carpeting and some wallpaper[i liked the old peeling wallpaper and the snags in the carpet...do you know how long it takes new carpet to snag and wallpaper to peel???i wanna go home...raaaaalph!!!

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    Just when I felt all at home and comfy, I get evicted and now I got to get use to the new digs, hell yeah its fast, but I still remember my doctor telling me about 30 years ago, Kdubya, son you just need to slow down a bit.........

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    douglasm here....

    Jai, what did they do with the elephants? They stood quietly in the corner at the old place until needed, right?

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    Now understanding the new format and the reason behind the change, I'll live.

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    Ya just had to go and bring up the damn elephants. I had them stashed and ready to be lost. But noooooooo......

    Kdub...Paladin...Kick your feet up and chill, dude. You be home.

    I'm counting on you living.

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    I plan on being here for a while. [[don't count me out yet !)

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    @ Ralph....lol....yeah man I'm moving all this dam furniture....


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Ralph Terrana

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