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    Just My Way Of Loving You - Garland Green
    You Bring Out The Good In Me - Otis Leavill
    Stay On The Case - Innovations
    It's All Soul - Junior Wells
    I'll Be Right Here - Mighty Doug Haynes
    You're The One To Blame - Johnny Moore
    [I Can Feel Those Vibrations] This Love Is Real - Jackie Wilson

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    Don't Leave Me Baby - Ray Gant & the Arabian Knights

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    A lackluster cd version of Darlene Love's "A Fine Fine Boy"

    Where is my old 45?

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    the girl in his mind - jerry butler
    one night affair - jerry butler
    in these changing times - the four tops
    nights of pleasure - loose ends
    in between the heartches - ron isley
    leave well enough alone - dee harvey
    private dancer - tina turner

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    Breakeven - The Script

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    Money In My Pocket - Moss Tolbert

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    Soul Heaven Johnnie Taylor :

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    Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jacksonn_Alien Hold On To Your Dreams
    Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jacksonn_1980
    T Connection_Funky Lady
    Bill Summers & Summers Heat_Call It What You Want
    Breakwater_Work It Out
    Rick Holmes_Remember To Remember
    Carl Anderson_Buttercup
    Johnnie Taylor_Love Is Better In The A.M.
    Maxayn_Trying For Days
    Undisputed Truth_Big John Is My Name
    Yellow Sunshine_Don't Tell Me Later Girl
    Ohio Player's_I Want To Be Free
    Parliament_Gamin On Ya

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    No More Heartaches, No More Pain - Vicki Anderson

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    Stone Rollin' - Raphael Saadiq (Great CD and the bonus track is nice also !)
    Tha Funk Capital of the World - Bootsy Collins (another great CD to add to the collection !)

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    wonder_woman Guest
    Esther Phillips - Brother, Brother and We've Got A Good Thing Going

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    Stone Rollin' - Raphael Saadiq (Great CD and the bonus track is nice also !)

    I'm checking that out too. Interesting concept. Vintage type material ,recorded in vintage but also modern sonic image.

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    How fabulous is this?

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    Funky Broadway [Take 1] - Lowell Fulson

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    Angel Of The Night - Angela Bofill

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    The More I Want --Teddy Pendergrass-- John Morales Remix.
    No disrespect to the honorable Mr. Gamble and Huff. But...They need to release (Un-ass) at least some multi's to Moulton and Morales for "tweeking". Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Live It Up - John Legend

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    Tar And Cement-Verdelle Smith

    From a CD compilation "Girls Go Zonk". It's a song that I knew from the time but never knew what it was called.

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    Leon Ware - Learning How To Love You!! Brilliant.


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    Listening to the CD, "Beyond", with Tina Turner. The above is an 8 minute promotional video of the CD.

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    Don't Ask Me To Forget - Jay & The Techniques

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    disco melody-the whispers!

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    Baby Washington - That's How Heartaches Are Made

    Dee Dee Warwick - We're Doing Fine

    Barbara Acklin - Just Ain't No Love

    Blue Magic & Margie Joseph - You And Me (Got A Good Thing Going)

    Bobby Hutton - Lend A Hand
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    The sound of silence...no not the simon and garfunkle tune,i'm just sitting in a quiet room,hehehehe!!!

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    The just released, "The Lana Sisters/The Chantelles" CD. Great liner notes and pics. Dusty Springfield was a member of the Lana Sisters before joining her brother in The Springfields and then on to a solo career. The Lana Sisters eventually reformed with Nola Ford in the UK and became The Chantelles in the mid-60's.

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    Undisputed Truth - Smiling Faces (extended remix by Midnight Johnny Peronne)


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    The East Cheam Drama Festival - Hancock's Half Hour

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    Lipstick Traces [On a Cigarette] - Benny Spellman

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    Bell Boy - Who

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    Criticize - Alexander Oneal

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    Cigarettes and Coffee - Otis Redding

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    Mr. Soul, Awesome song and a top fav! Nice pick.

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    My First Mistake, The Chilites

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    Paladin, that's a fantastic song.

    Songs I'm Listening To Now:
    Sidney Joe Qualls - How Can You Say Goodbye http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpvUvYHjGNQ Al Green sound-alike!!

    Leon Ware - I Want You (Live!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SN0UE6MTgg
    Eugene Record - Where Are You? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJfn969d4gg

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    Thanks, your selections are pretty cool as well.......Next up on the turntables; City of Angels & Bill Withers Making Music......

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    Thanks Texassoul & continuing in a deep soul groove.

    Pouring Water On A Drowning Man & Love Attack - James Carr

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    Talking Book - Stevie Wonder

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    "Pata-Pata" by Miriam Makeba

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    My baby just cares for me/Nina Simone

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    "I Wanted To Tell You" by Little Nicky Soul on Shee 101. It's a Northern Soul favourite. It's a dead rare record. I've never seen it, and I've looked through probably more than a few million 45s in my time. So, I can see why the price is where it is ($1100.00 US). I can't afford to buy it. But, I wouldn't mind having it (or even just a recording of it). Right now anyone can listen to it on You-Tube.

    Here's a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uz6KDz2Q-KA

    I'm curious to hear what you all think of it.

    Sounds like about 1964 or 1965. But the song writing, itself, has 1962 style. I'm an expert on ZTSC Columbia Midwest (Terre Haute/Chicago) pressing plant code #s, but not quite so good on ZTSP East Coast plant (I think that's in Pennsylvania). Anyway, 94,000 seems to be about right for around late 1964. "I'm On The Outside Looking In" was pressed around that number, as was "Look Away" by Garnet Mimms & Enchanters.

    It's a great slightly uptempo group sound. The group behind him is very, very good. You non-Soul fans probably won't love it, but it is quite listenable. The lead can sing. It's well-written, too. Richard Tee did a great job arranging it. He's my favourite New York '60s arranger. The lead guitar is great, but I'd have had the piano more upfront. The drummer's part is excellent -and excellently played-got to be Pretty Purdie.

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    Hi Rob I wanted to tell you pun intended was issued on a Goldmine CD entitled "For Millionaires Only Volume 4" appropriately titled in view of its price.


    what else but "I Wanted To Tell You".

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    I Wanted to Tell You - Little Nicky Soul

    Never heard of it before. Great record. Wish I'd heard it in the 60s when it was affordable.

    Thanks for link, Robb.
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    Rhapsody in Blue

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    Atheists Ain't Got No Songs.....


    "I hold in my hand....the entire antheist hymnal...."

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    Quote Originally Posted by 144man View Post
    I Wanted to Tell You - Little Nicky Soul

    Never heard of it before. Great record. Wish I'd heard it in the 60s when it was affordable.

    Thanks for link, Robb.
    It just sold for $1680.00 US.

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    Robb--"I Wanted To Tell You"...a fool and his money are soon parted, LOL. I don't hear anything special or remarkable in this song, woundn't spend $10 on it. To each his own!

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    A Jerry Ragavoy (RIP) production:

    God Bless My Girl (But Don't Forget About Me) - Ben Aiken

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    Found What I Need - B B King

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    Same song, both brilliant!

    PARLIAMENT - Live Up (To What She Thinks of Me)

    THE FANTASTIC FOUR - (I'm Gonna) Live Up To What She Thinks


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