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    What Song R U Listening To Right Now?

    The Originals - "Game Called Love"

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    Looks like nobody is listening to any music? Surely somebody somewhere must have some music playing...

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    I think once the dust settles after the big forum switch you'll get more responses. Here's mine -

    Ninety-Nine And A Half [[Won't Do) - Wilson Pickett

    and coming up next -

    What Kind Of Love Is This - Joey Dee & The Starliters


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    Get Up Off That Thang - James Brown

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    The Dynamics ~ Ice Cream Song

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    You & I/Switch

    Bobby Debarge flat out nails this song. His tenor was simply awesome, and the note he holds is glass breaking, simply breath taking..........for an R&B group his lead vocals on this particular song were operatic. I may have an idea for a thread after this one.....

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    That Man - The Canton Spirituals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ladymystique View Post
    Nice choice ladymystique
    This one i listen to

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    Yes I agree!

    Quote Originally Posted by ollie View Post
    Nice choice ladymystique
    This one i listen to

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    "Forever Mine" -- The O'Jays, the LONG version, which is phenomenal. The edited one is great, the long one is unreal.

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    Four Tops When She was My Girl

    From the link that Tsull1 posted!

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    Ooh Boy - The Adorables

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    "I Don't Know Why I Love You" -- The Brand New Heavies. Awesome tune, awesome group.

    * Glad you enjoyed The Four Tops clip, the boyfromxtown!

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    The Chess 50th Anniversary Collection 2 CD Set. Awsome

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    "I Need Your Lovin'" by Teena Marie. Man, what a great, jammin' tune!

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    "Wildwood Flower" by Reese Witherspoon [[soundtrack to "Walk The Line")

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    Right now on the turntable [[all original 45s) -

    "Mind Over Matter" Nolan Strong [[Fortune 546)

    "Love's Gone Bad" Underdogs [[V.I.P. 25040)

    "The Bounce" Olympics [[Tri Disc 106 B)

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    'Deed I Do - Billy Storm

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    The Rance Allen Group - Where Did I Go Wrong?" [[compliments of the "Rance Allen Band" thread - kinda nice to have music added to our forum, isn't it?)
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    Love Brenda...the Tabulations here are the Sweet Hearts of Sigma which sweetens the pot even more.

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    Im at my bookshop listening to a beautiful compilation I made of Kate Bush.

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    "You Hit the Nail on the Head" in memory of Phelps "Catfish" Collins on http://wevl.org

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    The New Birth--Birthday vinyl album with the black eggs on the cover AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

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    80s Australian band called Icehouse..

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    A little bit of Patrice Holloway:

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    This is a classic SDF thread , I'm glad that this is a way to bring it back to the top on the new format.
    I am checking out my new Cellar 4 purchase ,which is excellent.
    But in addition to that ,because I have been hearing some of the DJ mixes on N.Y. radio on the weekends , I have been revisiting some tracks in the so called "Hip-Hop" genre. I heard some Public Enemy tracks played on KISS-FM here in N.Y. ,and found myself listening to "Don't Believe The Hype" and "911". Damn ,that's some serious shixx. What yall been listening to?
    We got to keep this thread going , cause it's a vital part of what we are supposed to be about!!! Post yall!!!!!!

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    ok. daddyacey! i did a johnnie taylor tribute on my 70's show!
    one thing wrong with my woman
    we getting careless with our love
    i'm just a shoulder to cry on

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    Stuff Like That - Quincy featuring A&S and Chaka!

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    Your Baby's Gone Surfin' - Duane Eddy & Rebelettes [with Merry Clayton on lead] from Ace CD "Hey Beach Girls!..."

    There's also a track each on the album by the Orlons and by DeeDee Sharp.

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    Who Could Be Loving You - Jimmy James & The Vagabonds

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    Trying to Make A Fool of me /Delphonics

    I made Myself Lonely/Dramatics

    Sweet Love/Anita Baker

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    Hey i was wondering were this post was.....electric lady-cunfunkshun!!

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    It's Been A Long Time Happenin' - Tammi Terrell vocal, Ashford & Simpson production. Mighty fine.

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    pop life - prince & the revolution [[the fresh dance mix) of course!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jillfoster View Post
    A little bit of Patrice Holloway:
    Damn! I just now, after all these decades, made the connection between her and the voice of the singing Josie. It fits! She was also on the same record label, Captiol.

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    "pop life - prince & the revolution [[the fresh dance mix) of course! "

    L.O.L. ,of course!!!! Early today before I read this ,I was playing the long version of "La La La, Hee Hee Hee".

    Last week my lady gave me a dub CD of Mayer Hawthorne to listen to and made me promise to not look him up before I listened to it. I still haven't looked him up ,but I did listen to the CD.
    It's R&B in the same style of Rapheal Saddiq's last CD. Classic R&B content in the songs ,classic late 60's-early 70's structured lyrics , short 3:00 -4:00 length of the songs. The only difference between them was the quality of the instruments and the overall recording quality of the CD. R.S. ,of course had better recording and instrument access , but Hawthorne gets his point across ,and doesn't come off as a rip of R.S. idea of making Classic vintage styled tracks. I've only had one listen ,so I won't say anymore until I've had another listen or two.

    Right now at 12:01 ,I'm gonna get into some Otis Redding , playing now is ,"Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Sad Song".

    Otis:,"Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa , Your turn".........
    Stax Horns: "Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Baa Baa Baaaaaaaa.............

    I love that s.......................

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    Daddyacey yeah this was a classic thread on good old SDF.

    Undisputed Truth ~ Brother Louie
    Willie Hutch ~ Life's No Fun Living In The Ghetto
    David Porter ~ Can't See You When I Want Too
    Willie Bobo ~ Timbale Groove
    The Persuaders ~ You Musta Put Something In Your Love
    Little Beaver ~ Let The Good Times Roll
    Sly Stone ~ Thankful and Thoughtful [[my sunday morning peace, makes me appreciate life more and more and more)
    Pleasure ~ Joyous
    Jimmy Castor Bunch ~ Equal People
    The Meters ~ Give It What You Can
    Graham Central Station ~ Ghetto
    Etta James_Gonna Have Some Fun Tonight
    Detroit Emeralds ~ Baby Let Me Take You [[In My Arms)

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    "Could This Be the End" by The Stylistics, linked from Paladin's [[Kdub's) Facebook page.

    Having Facebook friends like Kdub, Colton Thomas, and Chazz Dixon, is awesome. Lots of musical links come my way every day!

    * Also liked and bought Mayer Hawthorne's CD. Pretty good stuff.

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    The Gifts-Lovin' You on 45' RPM!

    thanks Tsull!


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    two lovers history - mary wells
    feel it - dramatics
    licking stick james brown
    didn't i - jackie wilson
    everyone's going to the moon - bobby womack

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    Bobby Bland - A piece of gold.

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    Baby Baby All The Time[[The Superbs)

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    Baby Dont Change your mind -The Stylistics

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    "There are eight million stories in the big city, this is mine"...
    I LOVE this one chess1458!

    While cleaning up today I found a small stack of dirty 45s in my dining room where they've sat since I pulled them out of someone's garage months ago. Second one in the stack was this one:

    "Make It Easy On Yourself" - Little Anthony & The Imperials on DCP from '65 [[not the Jerry Butler song)

    It's the flip of "Goin' Out Of My Head" and as much as I've listened to them, I don't remember hearing this beauty before!

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    smark21 Guest
    I'm listening to Frank Sinatra's album Close to You, arranged by Nelson Riddle and backed by The Hollywood String Quartet.

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    Victor was a jazz musician - Grace Jones
    Caravan Of Love The Housemartins
    Favourite Trick - Dire Straits
    Power Of Love - Frankie Goes To Hollywood
    Moutains Of Mourne - Don Mclean
    I Dreamed A Dream - Elaine Paige
    Love - Elton John
    Constant Craving - KD Lang

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    you won't let me forget it - billy butler and the enchanters
    daddyacey - those horns are so tight on that otis!

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    I Believe In You by Russell Thompkins Jr.
    Also You're as right as rain another one by Russ Thompkins Jr.

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    Detroit Emeralds first album


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