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    R.I.P. Percy Williams


    I just received the sad news of Percy Williams having passed away yesterday evening. He was the lead singer for the Metros and after that occasionally sang in other outfits, too.
    My condolences!


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    Sad...I love the Metros' music. RIP, Percy, and thank you...



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    a lovely guy, RIP Percy


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    Sad news.

    R.I.P. Percy

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    I had the chance to meet him a couple years ago at one of the get-togethers the Detroit SDF crowd used to host. He was very friendly and very down to earth, I know he'll be missed.

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    What a beautiful tenor voice. It will be missed. I'm glad he experienced going overseas, he and the group deserved it. Too many leaving too soon.

    Lorraine Chandler

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    Lorraine, I was just thinking the same thing.........there are so many "RIP" threads on this Forum lately.
    We were all up in Detroit in 05: Gary, Des, Oldies, David Meihle & Mick, and myself. Sis Detroit called Percy Williams and he came over to Theresa's to meet us. He was truly a very nice person!! At the time he couldn't believe we would remember him. Mick was especially thrilled! I have posted that pic on SDF before. A humble, gracious person. And as you said: a great voice. RIP Percy & it was a pleasure meeting you!!

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    Moe and Gary
    I believe I was at that Theresa's meeting as well! In addition to Percy we met Squirrel from the Dramatics.
    Will have to find those photos ...


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    All - what a great treasure the SDF archive is. It's been 6 years since that meet up at Theresa's and here is the thread and photos !!


    Been away from the forum for awhile. Glad to be back.

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    Hi Leo,
    Long time no hear!! Glad you're back!! Yes, you were also there......and yes, we did meet Squirrel!! I will have to ask Des if he still has those pics.
    Last edited by moe; 11-19-2011 at 10:01 AM.

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    Hi Moe,

    I edited my previous post with the omitted archive photo/thread link.

    Also, here is Squirrel taking the lead !!




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