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    Aint Gonna Hurt Nobody!

    Apart from my love of Motown, I DO love other music too. I love Jazz-Funk, for example, and Brick were one of my fav bands. Does anyone have any info about a U.K. issued best of C.D.? Cant seem to find anything on Amazon ect..Any help Mucho apprec...Paulo XXXX

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    Hi Paulo, It will be coming out this fall in the UK

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    I have their second album on CD. I've had it for over a decade. It came out on some small label that quickly went out of business. They also issued The Emotions' "Sunbeam" album on CD.

    The sound is thin, and not much like the original Bang vinyl LP. I hope that any new CD sounds fuller and warmer.

    I also wish someone would issue "Good High" on CD too. All I ever see are vinyl reissues.

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    Tom..Thank you so much for that. Now THATS gonna make my day! Feeling Happy...So Happy..feelin happy, so happy, feeeelin happy, so happy (Q flute)..Next you b telling me you the one that remxed all those classic DISCO burners I danced my tits off to back in the day. (Still do when I get the chance LOL).Loleatta, First Choice? Nah, cant be. Can it? Paulo XXX

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    Paulo-Tom might have been the one that led us to sporting out trademark moustaches..he was quite the cutie pie.

    You should have been around when Village People started, the queens would come in their "hard hats" a la David Hodo...and of course, there will always be the leather queens. It was outrageous and camp - just as we like it.

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    Hell, I WAS around when the Village People started. And I remember the Coleherne of old. AND I still have a HUGE tache! My leathers holding up better than I am though.LOL XXXX

  7. Brick album WAITING ON YOU (with bonus tracks) coming soon:


    Soon to follow will be a Brick 2 lp on 1 cd SUMMER HEAT and AFTER 5.


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    Feelin Happy!!!!

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    In that case, this is right up your street.....Philly re-mixed by Tom Moulton. It's just been released and being shipped according to Amazon.uk. Cant wait.


    BTW, I was dancing to Tom's stuff at the Catacombs and the Boltons too. Ask your grandfather about those two!

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    Hey, I saw this in my local today, but didint look at it as I was rushing to work. WILL looki tomorrow. Thanks. Did he really have BIG tache????..

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    I got it today...with my COM4.

    This Philly Re-Grooved is just wonderful. I'm playing This Is The House for about the third time.........FAB!

    Paulo..there a picture of Tom on the last page..no moustache......still a cutie.

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    Can someone remind me of the story of This Is The House. I bought it on Scepter Wand......and then..

    This is such a wonderful mix....and I love that piano crescendo so much, I wait for it...the play button is stuck on 4....

    There's still vocals on the Scepter Wand 45 not here, so anyone who likes this ought to get that 45 too.

  13. BRICK- WAITING ON YOU (with bonus tracks)



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    Thnak you!!! Paulo XXX


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