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    When the words from my heart get caught up in my throat-the miracles

    Hehehehe,hey gang now although this is another great b-side[a-side-if you can want]isn't it the longest title in motown history?? Anybody know?

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    Jai, I love that track!


    I think it became one of , if not the longest titles, especially after the company shortened Smokey's
    A Breath Taking, First Sight Soul Shaking, One Night Love Making, Next Day Heartbreaking Guy to simply
    A Breath Taking Guy...

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    Only caught up with this great song on TCMS8 on which there is a 13 word title. 'Why Did She Have To Leave Me (Why Did She Have To Go)' - Temptations. Shorty Long's - 'It's A Crying Shame (The Way You Treat A Good Man Like Me)' also has 13 words. Now Stevie's 'I Call It Pretty Music But Some People Call It The Blues' Part 1 has 15 words if we count 'part 1' as part of the title!
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    copely, titles with brackets or parentheses don't count. Neither does "part 1". We were talking about songs with really long
    full titles within Motown. Outside it was more common like The Beatles' Everybody Here Has Got Something To Hide Except
    Me And My Monkey...

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    Hey, who says they don't count - lol!

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    Does this one count Mr Copley

    It's gonna take a lot of damage (to undo all the damage that you've done)



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