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    Talking Gladys Knight & The Pips - Lost & Found: Time Can't Erase 1966 - 1973

    This was a proposed scheduled release around 2005 - at that time, I believe that Gladys Knight was in some kind of litigation with Univeral regarding royalties.

    Since then, the 2-fers of their Motown albums have been released - but not this set.

    Has the 'Lost & Found' series been discontinued? I hope not - as this is one I'd really like to see - the unreleased tracks by them so far have been amazing.


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    You've just given me a heaart attck.
    I thought I was going to read that this L&F was being issued......but I fear not

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    In the past couple of years, there have been L&Fs on the Supremes, the Vandellas, and the Tops. Hopefully, the Pips' set will get a release soon.

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    Yes, along with THE MARVELETTES. Hopefully, the Alzheimers wont have progressed too far by then, and the arthritis wont be so bad that I can still operate the player to hear the damn thing. As long as the hearing aid works ok, that is....

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    Better put your name down on the waiting list for the rest home for old dears then. And if you're really nice to me, I'll leave you my Motown cushion and walking sticks in my will.

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    Ive got the stick, but the cushion would be nice.... P.S John, hope the message arrived. HAving problems with this..Paulo XXX

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    Oh knickers! I got all excited for nothing and at my time of life that's not a good thing.

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    I would have thought that you've had enough excitment for one day!


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    I can't remember which track from the L&F came out on a Tower sampler.

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    A Man Is a Woman's Weakness

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    Thanks, pj1.

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    "Just Like You Never Loved Me' is another great previously unreleased track - from Motown Year By Year 1970.

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    Quite a few of the L and F tracks have found their way onto the Cellarful series

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    Such as "If You Ever Get Your Hands On Love" -Vol 1; "Here Are The Pieces Of My Broken Heart"- Tamla Motown Connoisseurs, then Cellarful Vol 1 appearing there in its single reference mix;
    "Everyday I'll Love You More Than Yesterday" - Vol 2;
    "I'm Gonna Get You" -Vol 3;
    "The Day You Take One (You Have To Take The Other)" and "A Bird In The Hand (Is Worth Two In The Bush)- Vol 4.
    We've also seen "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me"- 'Motown Sings Motown Treasures Ultimate Rarities Collection and then the Expanded Edition and subsequently the U.K. 2-on-1's and "Good Lovin' Ain't Easy To Come By)"- 'Motown Sings Motown Treasures Vol 2' and U.K. 2-on-1's.
    Some selections such as "Just Like You Never Loved Me" , "The Lonely Heart And Lonely Eyes Of Lonely Me" and "It's Bad For Me To See You" were released before the announcement of the GK&P Lost & Found.
    As the L&F series were 2 cd sets (averaging 40 or more tracks), there still might be enough tracks, even if one utilized alternate mixes ala "Here Are The Pieces Of My Broken Heart"
    Now, why do I feel like Grapevine?

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    This is a Lost & Found set I really want to see released, Gladys is has the ability to sing live as well as she could in the 60's and 70's, so if she got behind this and promoted these songs it could sell well.

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    "Now, why do I feel like Grapevine?" Would being called Mike have anything to do with it! LOL

    Seriously though..if you cast your mind back, you will recall that the L&F series were only single cd's at that time.....Marvin, Temps, Miracles, Four Tops.

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    Yes, those first 4, issued in September, 1999, were single cd's.
    But they were from the pre-Rhino-Handmade, and subsequently the pre-Hip-O-Select era. I assume that when the first 4 didn't sell as well as anticipated, the series was tabled (at least for a while).
    When Hip-O picked up the L&F's in 2005, beginning with Martha Reeves & the Vandellas, they were issued as 2 cd sets ala the expanded 'Motown Sings Motown Treasures' of the previous year.
    I could swear that the GK&P L&F, did not receive official mention by HW on any internet group/board/forum until after the Martha set had been released which led me to believe that it would be a 2 disc set. Perhaps it had been planned originally as a single disc to follow the male artists/groups honored with the first L&F releases.

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