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    TV Tip........Top 200 Songs of the 70s

    As you know, on here we love our surveys, so some of you might want to check this one out. Last night [[Tuesday the 9th) a TV cable channel named AXS TV aired the first two episodes [[half hour each) of what will ultimately be a 20-part series. They began at number 200 and are counting down what they consider to be the Top 200 songs of the 70s.

    Each episode covers 10 songs and as they discuss the song and play video clips of it, various people comment on the song. As you might imagine, the songs lean rather heavily toward rock and the people doing the commentary are almost exclusively rock. But in those first 20 songs that have been highlighted so far, we did have Kool and the Gang, Donna Summer, and Stevie Wonder featured. So at least they are "trying" to show some of the good stuff.

    I am not sure if the next episode will be next Tuesday or perhaps some other day but I set my DVR to record the whole series. I will try to report back once I determine when it will be on again. I would imagine there will still be opportunities to see re-airings of these first two episodes as well. Cable channels normally tend to repeat things like that.

    So if interested, see if your TV provider offers that channel.

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    Forgot to send my reminder but they are indeed continuing this survey tonight [[Tuesday the 16th.) They will review the 20 songs already counted down and then there will be two more episodes that will count from number 180 down to 161. I think the action starts at 8 PM Eastern so check your local listings. Sorry for the late reminder.

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    Tonight's 20 songs did not have much in the way of soul. Anita Ward and Lionel Richie were the only two that came in between 180 and 161. So surely the remaining 160 songs will have some Temps, some Diana, probably more Stevie and Marvin, and I guess the sky is the limit for non-Motown folks. At least now we know that it is an every Tuesday night event if you do want to tune in or set your DVR.


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