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    Newly Surfaced Video-Martha Reeves & The Vandellas Live in VietNam

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    WOW. Thanks for posting. The group looks really good here.

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    Nice, be interesting to see what other Motown artist footage they might have being it states they have more of MR&TV's.

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    It’s weird that we’ve seen many Lois and Sandy on tv but not Roz and Lois live. It’s a real treat

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    Great performance. I remember them doing this on the late night Joey Bishop Show when it was new in 1967.Thanks for posting this .

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    Thanks, Bayou! That performance was truly fresh & exciting! Keep 'em coming, if you can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Philles/Motown Gary View Post
    Thanks, Bayou! That performance was truly fresh & exciting! Keep 'em coming, if you can.
    Oh I can't take credit for this, it was posted on Facebook. When I saw no one posted it here I just transferred the clip.

    Great performance. Martha is in good voice and the mod clothes are so representative of the era. Lois told me that the ladies even visited a hospital for wounded GIs. They saw some rough things I am sure.

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    This clip is from the series OPERATION: ENTERTAINMENT, a series that was filmed at various military bases. The Reelin' in the Years YouTube channel has been posting a lot of clips from the series in recent weeks.

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    Many thanks BayouMotownMan. I believe that that they also performed "Heat Wave", "Nowhere To Run" and "Dancing In The Street"

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    Quote Originally Posted by BayouMotownMan View Post
    Amazing just amazing the boots the dresses and the vocals are all first class and the First Lady of Motown Dr Martha Reeves has so much to offer and give. Thank you.

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    Martha looks just as skinny as DR here....Lois looks beautiful!!!!


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