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    Prayers for Rosalind Ashford Holmes of Martha Reeves & The Vandellas

    I have sadly been informed that our Vandella Ros Ashford has been admitted into a care facility with advanced dementia. I am sending all my prayers and asking for others for this sweet lady. Met her a couple times when she was on the road with Martha.

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    Oh no! Sending prayers, so sad to hear this news.

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    In recent years, I have seen close-up the devastation that dementia causes and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. As such, I am so very sad to his this news about Rosalind. Whenever I've seen her and the Vandellas in concert, she was always very approachable and friendly afterwards. Prayers going out to her loved ones.

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    May she live her remaining years in peace and comfort.

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    Terrible News! My Prayers for Rosalind Ashford and her Family & Friends at this difficult time.

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    Prayers for dear Roz & her family.So many fond memories of her.

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    I heard I’m Ready For Love today and the Vandellas were such a good part of the song.

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    My mother has dementia and lives in a nearby facility getting great care. I don't know what I'd do without the facility to care for her daily needs. I visit every other day and I've been told several times that I'm one of the few family members who ever visits their loved one. I know how devastating and hard it can be for loved ones to cope with a family member's dementia, so I hope Roz has family and loved ones in her life who remain a regular presence in her life for whatever time she has left. It's a horrible disease and it robs us of our loved ones before they've left this world.

    Much love from me to Rosalind. I'd always heard she was an extremely nice and approachable lady.

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    So very sad to hear this. Dementia is heartbreaking on all levels. Roz has given so much to the Vandellas and music. Her music lives on, indeed.

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    The Vandellas are currently the only Motown group not missing any original members. So to this truly is devastating news. They don’t call dementia the long goodbye for nothing!

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    My heart goes out to poor Rosalind. My maternal grandmother had Alzheimers really bad, and my mom died from Alzheimers. It's a devastating disease that robs a person of their ability to walk, talk, feed themselves, and control their bladder and bowels. They pretty much became a vegetable. I can only wish Roz the best. And thank her for all the years of those incredible Motown recordings.

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    Sending light and love out to Rosalind. Her contributions to the music of our lives will not be forgotten!

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    How about this for an interesting coincidence???? I have been out making my usual Friday rounds and was playing the Live Wire collection in my car, out of the thousands of CDs I have in my inventory. Not only that but Honey Chile had just started to play as I pulled back into the garage.

    So naturally when I log on here, I see the news about that clip, but sadly also the news about poor Rosalind. My point being that you can never have too much Motown or too much Martha, and this old soul will continue to enjoy both as long as I am able.

    Best wishes to Miss Rosalind. May she find peace and comfort.

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    Defend the lowly and render kindness, compassion and justice to the afflicted and needy. JOHN 10:14-15

    Loving God, our Heavenly Healer and Comforter,

    We pray for Rosalind Ashford Holmes as she struggles through the anxiety and confusion of dementia. Look upon her with grace ad please shelter Rosalind in love a calm surrounding and may Rosalinds remaining days be free from pain and in peace. Please Lord let her know you are watching over her and will call her home soon. I ask this with great humility and in the name of your Son, Jesus always and forever. Amen.

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    Sad. I hope Ros gets the care and attention she needs.


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