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    Temptations TRIVIA QUIZ

    This was an interesting comment from the Freep article by Otis Williams today.

    In a sparkling jacket, sunglasses and a “DETROIT”-emblazoned cap, Williams credited fans and the 27 singers who have served alongside him in the Temptations through the decades.

    Let's see what forum member can name all 27 singers of the group. Or who can name the most?

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    Melvin Franklin
    Eddie Kendricks
    Paul Williams
    Elbridge "Al" Bryant
    David Ruffin
    Otis Williams
    Dennis Edwards
    Ron Tyson
    Terry Weeks
    Tony Grant
    Jawan M. Jackson
    Ricky Owens
    Richard Street
    Damon Harris
    Glenn Leonard
    Louis Price
    Ali-Ollie Woodson
    Theo Peoples
    Ray Davis
    Harry McGilberry
    Barrington "Bo" Henderson
    G. C. Cameron
    Joe Herndon
    Bruce Williamson
    Larry Braggs
    Willie Greene
    Mario Corbino

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    I used to love these music trivia games years ago. Even while in the army, i played them by snail mail. It was fun.

    But today, the fun is gone because all we have to do is google and find the answer on Wikipedia or elsewhere.

    But anyhow, there is no way that I could have named all the Temps.

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    Hey Woodward... check your email.


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