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    Susaye Greene's comment on facebook today addresses some of what was discussed above

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    From Susaye's Facebook page:

    [COLOR=var[[--primary-text)]Susaye Greene[/COLOR][COLOR=var[[--primary-text)]Rodney, I appreciate you saying that. If it were anyone other than me, some might have done just that: reached out to correct an oversight. I am happy that High Energy was included, regardless. There are many who seem glad that I’m no longer going to travel with the FLOS, and that’s ok. I enjoyed my time with the Supremes and of course with Scherrie and Joyce. Obviously, there are many who are not happy for my successes, but I put my time in with full eagerness, my best efforts, kindness to all and best wishes to even those who felt I never fit in. C’est la vie! I am having the best time of my life and will continue to do so. There’s much more left for me to do and to enjoy in life and those who have cared about me and supported what I have done are deeply appreciated. Music is subjective and people love what they love. I certainly feel that way. I’ve been in show business since childhood and it makes you tough. Haters gonna hate! LOL! In the meantime, watch how much fun I’m going to bring to those who care. I was a Supreme and many weren’t though they wish they were and I’m still here. It’s not something that can be erased. What a time we live in, where we can all do whatever we like if we try. Love to you Rodney and thanks for your kindness and support! Love to everyone! Keep smiling!


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    Thank you Lakeside I should have done it like that


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