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    Sylvester-'Complete-Live At The Opera House' [3LP/2CD-9/6/2024-Craft/Fantasy]

    Info from SecondDisc.com:

    March 11, 1979 was the evening that cemented dance superstar Sylvester's legend. The 3,100+-seat San Francisco War Memorial Opera House, home since 1932 to the San Francisco Opera company, was filled to capacity with fans who'd come to see their hometown hero in his singular splendor. Mayor Dianne Feinstein had sent city supervisor and gay rights activist Harry Britt to present Sylvester, mid-show, with the key to the city. That concert, during which Sylvester was joined by the electrifying duo of Martha Wash and Izora Rhodes Armstead, a.k.a. Two Tons o' Fun, was recorded by Fantasy Records and released in truncated form as the album Living Proof. Highlights, including the singer's thunderous "You Are My Friend" and a powerfully intimate medley of Barry Manilow and Adrienne Anderson's "Could It Be Magic" and Leon Russell's "A Song for You," were included last year on Second Disc Records and Real Gone Music's 2CD anthology Disco Heat: The Fantasy Years 1977-1981. Now, on September 6, Craft Recordings will issue the complete concert for the very first time as Live at the Opera House. The recording, AAA-mastered for vinyl, will be available in 3LP, 2CD, and digital formats.

    Sylvester, Live at the Opera House [Craft Recordings/Fantasy, 2024]
    2CD: Amazon U.S. / Amazon U.K. / Amazon Canada
    3LP: Amazon U.S. / Amazon U.K. / Amazon Canada

    1. Overture [Grateful/You Make Me Feel [Mighty Real]/Dance [Disco Heat]]
    2. Body Strong #
    3. Medley #1: Everything Must Change / You Are My Love *
    4. Medley #2: Could It Be Magic / A Song For You
    5. Blackbird / Sylvester Day Proclamation #
    6. Happiness #
    7. Lover Man [Oh Where Can You Be?] #
    8. Sharing Something Perfect Between Ourselves #
    9. I [Who Have Nothing] *
    10. You Are My Friend #
    11. Dance [Disco Heat] #
    12. You Make Me Feel [Mighty Real] #
    13. Overture [Reprise] *
    14. Never Can Say Goodbye*

    Portions originally appeared on Living Proof, Fantasy LP F-79010, 1979

    Read full article here-
    Living Proof: Sylvester's Complete 1979 "Live at the Opera House" Coming from Craft Recordings - The Second Disc

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    Never Can Say Goodbye*

    did not realize Sylvester had ever sung this! nice special surprise in music to come my way in years.

    I think the song itself is in my all-time top 10 for lyrics ... and I'm most pleased with how Sylvester applies his voice on this:


    can't wait to hear the way it was performed without the modifications ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boogiedown View Post

    Only after listening to this several times did it occur to me that there's something remarkable about this recording ...

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    Looking forward to this release

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boogiedown View Post
    Only after listening to this several times did it occur to me that there's something remarkable about this recording ...
    The absence of Sylvester? The vocalist is Jimmy Somerville.

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    is it really?? oh poo.

    so sylvester is sounding so good because it isn't him??

    good grief. why is his name on it


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