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    How we listen to our music documentary on history channel tonight

    I'm old enough to remember that as a kid, my family listened to music on an old cathedral radio in the kitchen. In our "parlor" we had a radio with a "victrola" where we played our 78 rpm records. When i was a bit older, music finally became portable and it was such a treat to be able to take our music to the beach. Yeah! They were bulky with tubes and expensive, but they were "portable".

    There is a documentary on tonight that i am looking forward to. It shows how the way we listen to music changed over the years. I still remember my first transistor radio with 9 v Battery. I took it everywhere, even to the bathroom. I remember thinking of it as the greatest invention of all time. I could have music with me all the time.

    Over the years, technology has given us many differnent ways to listen to music and bring it along with us. I'm looking forward to this show tonight.
    Music lovers should check it out

    The Mega-Brands That Built America - How We Listen To Music


    In the 1950s, rival electronics companies aim to make music portable for the first time ever. What follows is a decades-long rivalry that prompts the creation of iconic products like the Pocket Radio, Cassette Tape, Walkman and the CD...

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    I did listen to the show last evening as a result of your posting. Thanks for alerting me. This is the first time ever [despite having access to it] that I have ever watched the History Channel.

    The show was OK, but it was on the confusing side as they jumped around too much. I was shocked at the vast number of commercials during the hourlong show. I believe I may have seen the SPAM advertisement four times in the hour.

    I wish that the History Channel would do some coverage on the History of Motown. That would be well received, I am certain. But perhaps they have done some in the past.


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