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    Founder's Day at Hitsville, USA

    I just wanted to share with the forum what a great time was had at the Motown Museum's Founder's Day yesterday. It was sunny and hot, but it was well worth attending. When I heard Claudette Robinson was going to be at this year's event, I knew I had to be there as I don't believe she visits Detroit very frequently. We were talking with fellow SDF member Nsoule when I turned around and lovely Claudette had just arrived and was standing a few feet away from us. I welcomed her with a hug and relayed how wonderful it was to have her present at the day's event. I said I had a photo that I hoped she could sign and she said she was planning to be there all day and we'd meet up later. The alumni were mostly inside the 2654 building due to the heat. When Claudette gave a short speech on the stage she mentioned many alumni were present, including Miller London, Pat Cosby, Martha Reeves and Sandra Fagin of the Monitors. I was able to reconnect with Claudette to have my photo signed, and a spicy Miss Reeves also signed a photo for me. Maybe it was the heat! Many of Claudette's extended family were at the event, it was certainly a Rogers family reunion. There was a lady who looked a lot like Tamla and I asked her if she was related and she was Claudette's niece. I said I could see the family resemblance! It was nice to see the current Motown Museum exhibit on Claudette and to hang out with the alumni. Here a few photos. Did any other forum members attend?

    Claudette and I

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    Miss Martha Reeves dancing away when they played "Dancing In The Street"!

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    The Hitsville window highlighting the current exhibit with beautiful photos of Claudette and the Miracles

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    Fellow forum member Nsoule and myself in Studio A

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    And lastly, my mementos of the day!

    Name:  IMG_8226.jpg
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    Thanks so much for sharing your memories of your visit to Motown's Founder's Day and the Great Photos of Claudette Robinson, Martha Reeves & Studio A.

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    Great shots. Thank you for posting them. I wasn´t able to attend the event.

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    That's pretty awesome! Thanks for sharing your pictures.

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    Good Stuff !!

    how was the food??

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    Great photos!

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    Wow, Great that you attended. Great photos. Claudette & Martha are so wonderful.

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    Great photos. How is the expansion of the museum coming along? Miss Reeves looks like a million bucks. Thank you for sharing.



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    Hi Nick
    You've done it! fantastic day and fabulous photos, wow the museum is incredible. Well done you meeting Claudette & Martha. Maybe I can get to go one day.

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    It was a great weekend catching up with friends and fam at Hitsville this past weekend. Magnificent things are in the works. Name:  IMG_0639.jpg
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    Thank you all for the nice comments. Sorry Boogiedown, I didn't have any food at the event so I can't give you a review. The choices were pretty limited though from what I noticed.

    Roberta, unfortunately there isn't much happening in regards to the 3rd phase of the expansion. We actually parked on the street running behind Hitsville and there are no signs of construction or destruction. It's unfortunate that with each passing year and the MM not being able to reach the goal, the costs of the project just keep going up. I was always hopeful Mr. Gordy would live long enough to attend the dedication of the new facility, but I no longer see that happening, unfortunately. I'd love to be proven wrong on that though!

    I will always miss the grass lawns in front of the Hitsville complex, it just doesn't have the same feel now that it's all paved over........ :[[
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    Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures along with your impressions!


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