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    Jimmy James [[of the Vagabonds) R.I.P.

    It has been reported in Jamaica that Carib born / UK based singer Jimmy James has passed. He was massively popular in the 60's when he fronted the Vagabonds doing great soul songs. In the 70's, he had a big disco hits with "Now Is the Time" and "I'll Go Where Your Music Takes Me".
    BUT it was his 60's work for which he is now most fondly remembered.
    Speaking personally, his live shows were electric and his album THE NEW RELIGION [[1966) was a hugely influential release. On this, he did fine cover versions of 14 US soul hits and introduced most young Brit fans to these songs for the first time. After hearing his tales on "The Entertainer", "People Get Ready", "Little Boy Blue", "It's Growing", "Amen", "Ain't No Big Thing", "Ain't Love Good, Ain't Love Proud" & "This Heart Of Mine", we went out to try to discover who had done the US original versions.
    I for one discovered the works of The Impression, Tony Clarke, the Artistics, the Radiants, etc via Jimmy. For that, I will always be grateful to him.

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    His album was also released in the US twice by Atco [[1967 & 68) ...

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    He also did this song & introduced it to many Brits [[& the reggae world too) ...

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    Ah shucks.

    Jimmy and Biddu did some pride in '75:

    and did a nice take on galloping disco with :

    RIP Jimmy James thank you

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    A great guy, he will be missed, I have met him several times and quite a number of live shows. One of my favourite records of his. May he rest in peace.


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