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    Loleatta Holloway-'We're Getting Stronger' [5CD-7/26/2024-Soul Music/Cherry Red UK]

    Desrcription from Soul Music Records/Cherry Red UK:

    • SoulMusic Records [SMR] in association with The Second Disc presents this definitive, first-time-ever 5CD box set by this Grammy-nominated artist believed to be the most- sampled female singer in popular music.
    • A total of 58 tracks which includes expanded editions of the four full-length albums recorded during her association with Salsoul’s Gold Mind Records and a specially curated fifth disc that includes remixes, instrumentals, acapellas and reinventions from her Gold Mind/Salsoul catalog. All audio has been newly remastered by Nick Robbins.

    1. Hit and Run
    2. Is It Just a Man’s Way
    3. We’re Getting Stronger [The Longer We Stay Together]
    4. Dreamin’
    5. Ripped Off
    6. Worn Out Broken Heart
    7. That’s How Heartaches Are Made
    8. What Now
    9. Hit and Run [Original Walter Gibbons 12” Mix]
    10. We're Getting Stronger [The Longer We Stay Together] [Original Walter Gibbons 12” Mix]
    11. Dreamin’ [12” Disco Mix by Carl Paroulo]
    12. Hit and Run [Unreleased Walter Gibbons Jungle Mix]
    1. Catch Me on the Rebound
    2. Only You [Guest vocalist: Bunny Sigler]
    3. Good, Good Feeling
    4. Mama Don’t, Papa Won’t
    5. I May Not Be There When You Want Me [But I’m Right On Time]
    6. You Light Up My Life
    7. Two Sides to Every Story
    8. I’m In Love
    9. Catch Me on the Rebound [Original Walter Gibbons 12” Mix]
    10. Catch Me on the Rebound [Instrumental]
    11. I May Not Be There When You Want Me [Original Tom Moulton 12” Mix]
    1. The Greatest Performance of My Life
    2. All About the Paper
    3. There Must Be a Reason
    4. That’s What You Said
    5. Baby It’s You
    6. There’ll Come a Time
    7. Sweet Mother of Mine
    8. The Greatest Performance of My Life [Larry Levan Remix]
    9. That’s What You Said [12” Disco Version by Rick Gianatos]
    10. All About the Paper [Extended Version]
    11. The Greatest Performance of My Life [12” Disco Version]
    12. That’s What You Said [Special Edit]
    1. Love Sensation
    2. Long Hard Climb to Love
    3. Short End of the Stick
    4. I’ve Been Loving You Too Long
    5. Two Became a Crowd
    6. Dance What ‘Cha Wanna
    7. My Way
    8. I’ll Be Standing There
    9. Love Sensation [Original Tom Moulton 12” Mix]
    10. Love Sensation [Original Shep Pettibone 12” Mix]
    11. Love Sensation [Unreleased Tom Moulton Mix]
    12. Love Sensation [After Hours Mix]
    13. Love Sensation [Acapella]
    1. Catch Me on the Rebound [Original Walter Gibbons Disco Madness Version]
    2. Hit and Run [Joey Negro Dub Sensation]
    3. Runaway [Danny Krivit Re-edit]
    4. We’re Getting Stronger [Instrumental]
    5. Mama Don’t, Papa Won’t [Mama’s Mix]
    6. Love Sensation [Shep Pettibone "Rough Mix" / Dim's DJ Friendly Re-Edit]
    7. Stand Up [Pangaea’s Mix]
    8. Short End of the Stick [The Reflex Edit]
    9. Seconds [Special Club Version]
    10. Dreamin’ [Jazz N Groove Mix]
    11. We’re Getting Stronger [Acapella]

    Loleatta Holloway: We're Getting Stronger - The Gold Mind/Salsoul Recordings 1976-1982, 5CD Box Set [cherryred.co.uk]

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    Eddie, although it's mighty tempting, I already have all of Loleatta Holloway's Salsoul/Goldmine material in my CD collection, in addition to countless special mixes, etc., so I won't be buying this otherwise excellent set. But, I must say, it's a great way for somebody who wants to collect all of Loleatta's Philly Soul material in one fell swoop. The tracklist doesn't get any better than this!
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    Keep em coming and along this same line, how about some Linda Clifford, Gwen Guthrie, and a few others that come to mind?

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    I'll be interested to learn if the mastering is more dynamic on this set than the usual brickwalling given to Loleatta's catalogue.

    It's a pity that the compilers haven't chosen to at long last gather Loleatta's 7" mixes, some of which are unique mixes and not simply edits. The Octave Lab reissues clearly sourced some of them from vinyl - complete with surface noise! - so perhaps that's a factor in their non-inclusion on this box set.

    Side note: Linda Clifford received a round of reissues from Blixa Sounds in 2022.


    In terms of suggestions for similar sets, it's about time that Gloria Gaynor's Polydor albums were gathered together on a box set. I would hope that such a set would use masters sourced from the U.S. rather than use well worn copy tapes from Europe.


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