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    Shotgun misherad lyrics? - Jr. Walker

    [Edit: I haven't been to this forum in years...I forgot I'd already discussed this. Summary: I am the only one who seems to have misheard this particular lyric. And yes, I know do full well that The Jerk dance is...I have even danced it...but still, that one line in the context of this song seems like a cop-out. In my head I'll continue to sing "do the dirt."]

    I grew up in Detroit in the 50's and 60's, so of course I Motown is a big part of my life. But I swear when I hear Shotgun, at least the original recording, I hear "do the dirt, baby." Every reference I have seen quotes this lyric as "do the jerk, baby."

    Yes, I know the jerk was a popular dance at the time, but in the context of this song, "get yourself a shotgun now...break it down, baby...shoot him 'fore he runs now..." it makes complete sense to say "do the dirt," as in "do the dirty deed."

    Many years ago, I even called the Motown museum in Detroit [["Hitsville") and no one there seemed to know.

    Has anyone else heard it this way?

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    It always sounded like "Do the jerk baby" to me. On the Motown Story released in 1971, Jr. says it was a dance back then called the Shotgun, but I don't remember it.

    Years ago, I think on Vh1, there was a show about songs with strange lyrics. This song was one of songs mentioned with the panel all being in the dark about just what the song was about.

    Another part of the song that confused people was Jr saying, "it's twine time." Now I remember the twine was a dance. But it sounds like he is saying "it's crying time."

    Anyway, the lyrics to this song, if you can call them that, is not what sold the record, it was the Funk Bros and Jr's wailing sax. That intro just gets everybody up and moving.

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    I remember reading many moons ago that Berry Gordy thought Jr. was saying "Its crying time" referring to a Ray Charles song but he was told no "its Twine time". The dance. "Shotgun" was also a dance and he is singin "do the Jerk baby, do the Jerk now" as that was a huge dance at the time.

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    Speaking of misheard, or even non-distinguishable lyrics, did anyone else besides me found the first phrase of the first sentence of the group's "I'm a Road Runner" difficult to decipher? Until I finally googled it last year, I never knew what he was singing, and it makes sense. I won't spoil it for those who were in the dark like I was.

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    Money, who needs it
    Let me live my life free and easy
    Put the toothbrush in my hand
    And let me be a travlin' man

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    Quote Originally Posted by BayouMotownMan View Post
    Money, who needs it
    Let me live my life free and easy
    Put the toothbrush in my hand
    And let me be a travlin' man
    Thanks, I eventually got it after taking the time to research the lyrics last year. Never understood what he was singing on that first line. I believe it was that first word, "money", he sang that threw me because I only heard one syllable which gave me a mental block on what the following three words were.

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    "Do The Dirt" Love it as it goes through the song. Thanks forgotten all about the Dirt!


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