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    VA "Holland-Dozier-Holland Anthology: Detroit 1969-1977" 4CD box set [5/3/2024-Edsel]

    Disc: 1

    1 Freda Payne - Band of Gold [Single Mix]
    2 Chairman of the Board - Give Me Just a Little More Time
    3 Flaming Ember - Westbound #9
    4 Silent Majority - Frightened Girl
    5 Ruth Copeland - the Music Box
    6 Honey Cone - Girls It Ain't Easy
    7 Chairman of the Board - Pay to the Piper
    8 Honey Cone - Want Ads
    9 Freda Payne - Unhooked Generation
    10 Glass House - Crumbs Off the Table
    11 Chairman of the Board - All We Need Is Understanding
    12 Honey Cone - While You're Out Looking for Sugar
    13 100 Proof Aged in Soul - Somebody's Been Sleeping
    14 Chairman of the Board - Everything's Tuesday
    15 Freda Payne - Deeper and Deeper
    16 Chairman of the Board - You've Got Me Dangling on a String
    17 Flaming Ember - Mind, Body and Soul

    Disc: 2

    1 Freda Payne - Bring the Boys Home
    2 Barrino Brothers - I Shall Not Be Moved
    3 8th Day - You've Got to Crawl Before You Walk
    4 Lucifer - Don't You [Think the Times A-Comin']
    5 Honey Cone - Sunday Morning People
    6 Glass House - I Surrendered
    7 Freda Payne - You Brought the Joy
    8 General Johnson - I'm in Love Darling
    9 8th Day - She's Not Just Another Woman [Single Mix]
    10 Honey Cone - Stick Up
    11 100 Proof Aged in Soul - 90 Day Freeze [On Her Love]
    12 Flaming Ember - Gotta Get Away
    13 8th Day - Eeny-Meeny-Miny Mo
    14 Freda Payne - Cherish What Is Dear to You
    15 Glass House - Heaven Is There to Guide Us
    16 Chairman of the Board - Working on a Building of Love
    17 8th Day - If I Could See the Light

    Disc: 3

    1 Lamont Dozier, Holland-Dozier - Why Can't We Be Lovers
    2 Chairman of the Board - Elmo James
    3 Laura Lee - Rip Off
    4 Barrino Brothers -Try It, You'll Like It
    5 Just Brothers - Sliced Tomatoes
    6 Glass House - Thanks I Needed That
    7 Laura Lee - Crumbs Off the Table
    8 Warlock - You've Been My Rock
    9 Laura Lee - Woman's Love Rights
    10 Holland-Dozier Ft Brain Holland - Don't Leave Me Starvin for Your Love
    11 The Politicians - Free Your Mind
    12 Harrison Kennedy - Sunday Morning People
    13 Satisfaction Unlimited - Let's Change the Subject
    14 100 Proof Aged in Soul - Nothing Sweeter Than Love
    15 Danny Woods - Let Me Ride
    16 Laura Lee - Since I Fell for You
    17 Silent Majority - Something New About You
    18 Smith Connection - Under My Wings

    Disc: 4

    1 Eloise Laws - Love Factory
    2 Freda Payne - We've Got to Find a Way Back
    3 Jones Girls -Taster of the Honey
    4 Smith Connection - I'm Bugging Your Phone
    5 Tyrone Edwards - Can't Get Enough of You
    6 Honey Cone - If I Can't Fly
    7 New York Port Authority - I Got It Pt.1
    8 Chairman of the Board - Finders Keepers
    9 Hi-Lites - That's Love
    10 Freda Payne -Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right
    11 Lamont Dozier - New Breeda Kinda Woman
    12 Eloise Laws - Put a Little Love Into It [When You Do It]
    13 Melvin Davis - You Made Me Over
    14 Honey Cone - You're Always Messing Up a Good Thing
    15 Brian Holland - I'm So Glad Pt.1
    16 Chairman of the Board - Skin I'm in

    Various Artists - Holland-Dozier-Holland Invictus Anthology / Various - Deluxe 4CD Boxset - Amazon.com Music

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    Info from Edsel/Demon Records UK:

    The definitive post-Motown collection of the legendary song-writing trio Holland-Dozier-Holland • 68 tracks taken from the period 1969-1977 when the trio had started their group of labels; Hot Wax, Invictus And Music Merchant • Extensive liner notes by Stuart Cosgrove known for his award-winning Soul Trilogy Detroit 67: the Year That Changed Soul, Memphis 68: The Tragedy of Southern Soul and Harlem 69: the Future of Soul. Holland, Dozier and Holland are arguably the greatest songwriters ever. More prolific than Lennon and McCartney, they shaped "the Sound of Young America" and propelled the Motown sound in the mid-1960s into a creative stratosphere unmatched by any other independent music label. Their trademark catchy teenage love songs were delivered energetically by previously unknown Detroit groups like The Supremes, the Four Tops, Martha & the Vandellas & Marvin Gaye. Although synonymous with Berry Gordy's Motown, it was their departure from Motown after a stand-off strike in 1967 and a brutal legal battle that led them to run their own group of labels, Invictus, Hot Wax and Music Merchant. This compilation is a definitive look at this period in history, exploring how H-D-H, under a new guise 'The Creative Corporation', drove the next generation of soul music in a myriad of different ways, towards funk, underground disco and jazz. Featuring 68 tracks, this collection documents HDH's creativity and growth over this seminal 8 year period. During this time the trio developed new artists to rival Motown's success such as Chairman Of The Board, Freda Payne, Honey Cone, Glass House, Flaming Ember, 8th Day, Laura Lee & Eloise Laws. The collection is complete with a detailed depiction of this period in history by award winning author Stuart Cosgrove who wrote the Soul Trilogy, a series of books on soul music and social change - Detroit 67: the Year That Changed Soul, Memphis 68: The Tragedy of Southern Soul which won the Penderyn Prize, as Music Book of the Year in 2018, and Harlem 69: the Future of Soul. Stuart's notes detail the relationship with Motown in the final days, the immediate fall out after the trio left Motown and the creation of the new labels Hot Wax, Invictus & Music Merchant.

    Amazon UK:
    Holland-Dozier-Holland Anthology: Detroit 1969-1977 - Deluxe 4CD Packaging: Amazon.co.uk: CDs & Vinyl

    Amazon USA:
    Various Artists - Holland-Dozier-Holland Invictus Anthology / Various - Deluxe 4CD Boxset - Amazon.com Music
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    This sounds like the Invictus box set issued about 10 years ago simply repackaged. Maybe one of two new things [[Eloise Laws). I'll pass.

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    I have most of the original 45's & most on CD. I would like to read Stuarts notes.

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    I probably have most of these songs already but I might go for it if the price is right.

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    Another good looking CD set, but I have a minor quibble or two...first off [[and I know these guys aren't the only guilty parties for this), the name of the group is ChairMEN of the Board, not 'Chairman'! The second is that, one of my favorite tunes of the moment, "Trapped In a Love" by the Barrino Brothers, is not featured, though I suppose I should be glad that they are represented here. Rant over.



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    Good Article

    Motown Records famously churned out songs like cars on an assembly line, and songwriting team Holland-Dozier-Holland [[HDH) – brothers Eddie and Brian Holland, and the late Lamont Dozier – built some of the company’s most gleaming, purring models, writing smashes such as Martha Reeves and the Vandellas’ Heat Wave, the Four Tops’ Reach Out I’ll Be There, and 10 of the Supremes’ 12 US chart-toppers. But while HDH’s tenure at Motown is rightly celebrated, their subsequent work has been neglected by comparison, despite being thrillingly soulful, stylistically diverse and sharply political [[as captured on a new vinyl box set).
    HDH’s time at Motown ended badly. Around 1967, their attempts to renegotiate their years-old contracts on more equitable terms were repeatedly rebuffed by Motown patriarch Berry Gordy. Dozier writes in his autobiography that HDH then decided to “essentially go on strike” and “stop turning in songs” in protest.

    I ask Eddie Holland, now 84 and fresh from a holiday in Turkey, if this is true. “Absolutely not,” he says, explaining that he merely paused HDH activity to focus on writing stronger product. He blames Motown lawyers for stoking tensions between Gordy and HDH: “I could have explained it to Berry, but I didn’t want to. I said, to hell with it.” Things turned ugly. Motown sued HDH, the trio countersued, and it took until 1972 to be settled. “I don’t know how many hundreds of thousands of dollars it cost all of us, but the only financial winners were the lawyers,” Gordy later wrote.
    As the relationship with Motown imploded, Eddie set up two new record labels – Hot Wax and Invictus – with several ex-Motown staff, including producer and A&R man Ronald Dunbar. While Eddie was at liberty to sign and produce new talent, HDH’s contracts with Motown precluded them from writing material elsewhere, so songs would often credit Dunbar along with Edythe Wayne, an invented person named after Eddie’s then girlfriend. “We just had to put somebody’s name on the thing!” Dozier told the Guardian in 2015. “Everyone knew it was really Holland-Dozier-Holland.” [[Eddie declines to discuss it further; his joint memoirs with Brian make a reference to Dunbar contributing songs, although “not as many as he was credited for”).

    The first song attributed to “R Dunbar; E Wayne” was While You’re Out Looking for Sugar by Honey Cone. Hungry for a girl group to emulate HDH’s success with the Supremes, Eddie approached Edna Wright, Carolyn Willis, and Shelly Clark after watching them sing behind Andy Williams. Clark, who’d also sung with Ike Turner, wasn’t sure. “I had heard from several artists that they were not happy [at Motown] because of the lack of control they had,” she tells me, and started avoiding Eddie’s calls but “the guilt kept mounting”. With Clark’s reluctant agreement, Honey Cone formed and topped the US Hot 100 in June 1971 with the inescapably catchy Want Ads.
    If Honey Cone were Hot Wax’s Supremes, the Chairmen of the Board were Invictus’s Four Tops. While Eddie designed the group so that each member could take lead vocal duties, General Norman Johnson emerged as its frontman. Founding member Harrison Kennedy opines fondly on his fellow band members: “Eddie [Custis] could sing a bird out of a tree; Danny [Woods] could make a bird fall out of the tree; and General Johnson could make trees grow!” Johnson’s halting, staccato vocals power their song Give Me Just a Little More Time a US and UK hit.............

    War, disastrous sex and a lot of lawsuits: the chaotic aftermath of Motown’s peak years | Motown records | The Guardian


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