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Thread: Fires in BC

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    Fires in BC

    And you guys thought Supremes fans were flame throwers.

    Imagine if this bore down on you!
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    Here is one more.
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    Where exactly are the BC fires? Down here in the Wenatchee Valley (about 150 miles south of Osoyoos, BC) we spent the first couple of weeks of August cloked in smoke from BC, although our fire season has been reletively tame....so far.

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    The jetstream sat more northerly this year and the fires are in a swath from Kamloops through Prince George and are really bad right in the middle of that area.

    One fire jumped from 7000 hectares to 33000 hectares last nite - the one in the picture.

    But apparently next week is very much cooler with the first rain in a couple of months.

    In some of those cities, the record for particulate in the air had been something like 68 microns and those records were broken and the new records are 365 micrometers (I believe that is the correct term) - very bad. They say the smoke is so bad that even healthy people will have reactions.

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    Here is smoke in the Town of Williams Lake; it was much like this where I live.

    And another of the 300 fires burning in BC.
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    North of Cache Creek on 97, right? Aparently they're holding a line at the Fraser River for the moment. How's the fire near Bella Coola doing?

    I have nothing but admiration for the work wildfire fighters do. We've had nothing down here that compares to the mess they have in BC this season, and a lot of that is due to the work done by forest service employees, who have prevented a series of small fires from becoming big ones.

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    Yes, that is where it is the worst. Williams Lake is about 50 miles north of Cache Creek. The worst smoke is in Williams Lake and some of the worst fires are west of Williams Lake. They were worried the fire would jump the Fraser River with the wind and then it could threaten Williams Lake which was only 15 miles away - I don't believe it jumped the river. Williams Lake has about 10,000 people. The earlier pictures are of a fire at Fraser Lake, west of Prince George. That fire remains a big problem.

    The smoke has also moved into Alberta and Saskatchewan so it covers a lot of Western Canada.

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    Just to put placement into perspective, Cache Creek, British Columbia is about 300 miles NNE of Seattle, or about 450 miles west of Calgary (GO STAMPS!), Alberta. The interior of BC is a beautiful place.

    (as an aside, if you combined Edmonton and the BC Lions together, would you get a football team? Or a 2-12 record?)

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    There has been the first bit of rain in a long time and the smoke in town is better. Out west 25 miles, I have never seen anything like it; you can't see the valleys anymore; the sun is gone; once in a while it is faint in the distance; Saturday was incredible, like on another planet.

    I'm trying to load one more picture here.

    And Doug............my son would love it if the CFL became part of the NFL and we threw in a couple of teams!
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    The rains have come; well some rain anyway. There will be some fires until October but the smoke is pretty much gone. I'm in the bush hiking a lot far off to the east of the fires.

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    Glad to hear it. When we had our big one in '96 (the one that put us out of the radio business), it was the same situation. The last fire went out with the first snow, and still they flaired up the next spring.

    Where are you in B.C.?

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    We are now having some awesome days, some really cool days and the air is back to crystal clear.

    I'm in Central BC in Prince George.

    But I'm sure the fires will burn here and there til October.


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