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    Bettye talks about her new album. There are also interviews with the composer, Randall Bramblett, and the producer, Steve Jordan -


    Best regards

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    Great interviews with Bettye LaVette & her collaborators Randall Bramblett & Steve Jordan. Thanks Hekki!

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    'Hard To Be ...' is excellent! I do love Bettye and regret that much of her material has been rather ... a drag. I just love BL uptempo!

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    This was a great read, Heikki! Thank you

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    Thank you Eddie, PeaceNHarmony and Carlo. I'm glad you liked it. I enjoyed conducting those interviews, too.

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    Currently listening to the new album...love it! The material and production is very strong, and Bettye sounds great! I like that this album has a lot of uptempo songs. If this album doesn't result in Bettye getting her long overdue Grammy, than the music industry is [censored F word]. I love all of the musical guests featured on this album as well...very impressive.

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    For me. this is the best and most listenable Bettye lp yet. Uptempo, swampy, and fierce as a mo-fo. Get it, Ms.L, and thanks to all involved in this lp's existence.

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    Glad you love it too, Peace!

    I got the CD today and it came with a nice booklet, containing liner notes, an essay with quotes from everyone who worked on the project and behind the scenes photos...awesome! I don't know many labels who put in that kind of effort anymore. It's nice to see, along with Jay Vee Records' promotional efforts and deep appreciation of the legendary lady herself.

    This video was posted today of Bettye checking out her new digital ad/billboard in Times Square with head of Jay Vee Records, Steve Jordan. Her emotional reaction made me get teary-eyed. Link to the video below.


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    Agree with everything said so far. Definitely a nice change of pace for Bettye.

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    She performed here in Cleveland yesterday at Music Box Supper Club. I regret not being able to see her this time, as I didn't have the cash for a ticket. Hopefully, next time. I've seen Bettye twice, and she is FABULOUS in concert!



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    Heikki: Thought you might welcome Bettye's rare Motown 45.

    Bettye's first 45 for Motown was the last issue in the "1000 Motown Series" on Motown 1532, after that all labels were consolidated commencing at "1600". Bettye's rare 45 "If I Were Your Woman" on Motown 1532 which was unissued and replaced with "You Seen One You Seen 'Em All", personally I think they should have kept "If I Were Your Woman" as its a stunning version. Looks like only a few of the 45 were ever available.Gladys Knight originally recorded "If I Were Your Woman" in Oct 1970 , but I still prefer Bettye's version. Bettye issued it on 45 but a hard one to find, it was also issued on her Motown album "Tell Me A Lie" also same year in 1982.

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    Thank you, Graham!

    I agree, that's a good version and I remember it from the album.
    I think it was the closing song on there.

    Best regards

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    Great article! I have a special connection with Ms. B, as I met her during the years before the rest of the world finally caught up with her. I love her music, and there is nothing like seeing her in concert. She came to Philly years ago. I was in a group that had a gig that same evening. As soon as we got off stage, we ran to the end of her concert. She had the audience in the palm of here hand, and before we sat down good, we were right there with the rest of the audience almost afraid to breathe. I have followed her and her music. This new album is on of my absolute favorite albums ever. The conviction she gives each song is what it missing in the "contemporary" music that others rave about right now. I believe her when she is singing/telling a story. Oddly enough, I am playing the album for my class [[I teach middle school), and guess what? They are listening and enjoying it! That speaks volumes for anyone dealing with teenager who have music crammed in their brains thanks to radio and Tik Tok. Carry on Ms. Bettye Lavette! You have another gem on your hands! See you soon! XOXO

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    Bettye, I understand today is your birthday. Happy birthday baby girl, keep swinging for the fences.

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    Not long after her birthday, I thought about one of her records just when she was 16 yrs old. I would suggest the Detroit record on Lupine "Witchcraft In The Air". From this 45 it was my first ever copy "Lupine" record. [I was still at school and never heard of Bettye before]

    Great record!

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    An absolute Awesome Artiste.....

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    Coming to the UK for live gigs in early May & late June ...
    Cheltenham + London in early May ...
    Blackpool NS event in late June.
    Name:  BettyeLaVetteUk2024.jpg
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    Her NS gig in the UK ...
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    She's added a new gig to her upcoming shows ... IN CHICAGO ... Name:  BettyeLavetteStonesTour24.jpg
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