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    Jessie Ware - That! Feels Good! [[2023)

    JESSIE WARE’S 2020 release What’s Your Pleasure was one of the early pandemic’s great revelations — a pop album that successfully brought the movement, yearning, and euphoria of the dance club into everyone’s homes. It was a perfect setting for the British singer and songwriter’s voice, luxurious and sophisticated but still highly accessible. Ware’s follow-up to that achievement, titled That! Feels Good! in Shania Twain house punctuation style, zeroes in on the many pleasures of dance music. Bodies and bodily sensations are emphasized, while inhibitions are shaken off in pursuit of ecstasy, even when that means simply disappearing [[along with one’s ego) into a mass of dancing bodies. It’s also brighter and funkier than its predecessor, full of big brass and grooves that amplify the feeling of joy.
    The title track, penned by Ware with collaborators including Shungudzo, Daniel Ford, and Simian Mobile Disco’s James Ford, is a perfect example. It opens with an orgy of breathy voices uttering the title phrase before transforming into a limber disco-funk jam that lands somewhere between Prince and Stevie Wonder, full of scratchy guitar, blaring horn hits, and a supple, syncopated bassline. “Just remember: pleasure is a right,” Ware sings. It’s both affirmation and rallying cry: don’t be ashamed to ask for what you want.
    That’s a recurring theme throughout the album. In the single “Free Yourself,” Ware flips into disco diva mode with an anthem of sexual liberation for queer and straight people alike. “Free yourself, keep on moving up that mountaintop/Why don’t you please yourself?” she sings. She seemingly runs the entire length of her considerable range, belting the choruses and nodding to Donna Summer’s eternal “I Feel Love” as the song shifts from piano-driven disco to piano-driven house and then back again for its satisfying final vamp.
    Sometimes Ware just embraces the feeling of being unabashedly horny. “Freak Me Now” opens with some porn-worthy moaning before turning into sticky electro-funk. In “Shake the Bottle,” she offers a sly instruction manual on how to get her off. And in the velvety disco tune “These Lips,” she describes a sensation of erotic intrigue: “These two lips could do so much more,” she purrs.
    01 That! Feels Good!
    02 Free Yourself
    03 Pearls
    04 Hello Love
    05 Begin Again
    06 Beautiful People
    07 Freak Me Now
    08 Shake The Bottle
    09 Lightning
    10 These Lips

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    Hey Jack...I just bought this album yesterday, after listening to it for the first time yesterday morning on Spotify. I was curious about it, since I had seen it advertised on a couple of websites and have enjoyed some of her previous work. I was about to post about the album here, but searched first to see if anyone had already posted about it. You have good taste, my friend It is FANTASTIC! Such an amazing mix of soul, R&B and disco. Jessie's vocals are equally amazing! This is already one of my top favourite albums of the year!

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    Thanks Carlo, I got a signed copy of this and of her last before album:
    What's Your Pleasure? [[The Platinum Pleasure Edition)

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    Been loving the TFG cd as well -


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