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    Smokey Robinson shares new song “How You Make Me Feel”

    Info from SoulTracks.com-

    The legendary Smokey Robinson, who enters his 66th year in music in 2023, shares with the world the second single from his upcoming album, GASMS – “How You Make Me Feel.”

    Starting off simply with piano and a steady tempo, Smokey sets up the tune with the trademark poetic lyrical flavor for which he’s long been known. Robinson gets right to the point as to how his lover makes him feel, then sets up the following bridge – “You make me feel like everything’s okay every day. You make me feel like everything’s alright every night” - which is repeated throughout the song, like a sexy soulful chant.

    Along the way, Smokey throws down more poetry as the strings, keyboard flourishes, chords and vocal overdubs/lyrical rounds are added along the way, creating a slow, sultry buildup which keeps the ballad burning.

    “How You Make Me Feel” is reminiscent of the slow jams/quiet storm tunes heard on much of R&B radio through the decades. While Smokey [who wrote the tune] makes this gem quite listenable, it’s really meant to be spun during those “between the sheets” moments [thank you, Isley Brothers!].

    As we enter into spring with summer speeding ahead, our dear Mr. Robinson gives us one to groove to with “How You Make Me Feel”. Looking forward to his upcoming album release in April.

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    Good to see Smokey back on form.

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    the good news: lovely strings. a very nice breezy groove, suits him .
    fake vibratos , what next .....
    when you slobber during a pronunciation [1:26] probably should do a retake.
    and probably best not to reference being addicted ....
    a rather strange non-ending.

    And as he goes on and on and on , I begin wondering if there's a pop up ad for Viagra coming up.


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