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Thread: The Lovelites

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    The Lovelites

    In case you missed it the 1st time around. Coming end of December. Dusty Groove.

    With Love From The Lovelites

    CD [[Item 128693) Uni/P-Vine [[Japan), Early 70s Condition: New Copy

    $20.99 ... CD

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    Preorder: This title is scheduled for release about Wednesday, December 28.

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    Soul [[CD, LP)

    The only full length album ever cut by this amazing Chicago girl group! The Lovelites first broke onto the charts with their stunning track "How Can I Tell My Mom & Dad" a sad slow tune about teen pregnancy, sung in a strange otherworldly style that's also quite soulful with a catchy hook and a way of referring to the problem at hand that's vague, and makes for a strange approach to the material. That track, and the others on the set, are very different than the usual girl trio material rougher, more honest, with a quality that's emotive, yet not overly drippy. Part of the thanks for this goes to arranger Johnny Cameron, who handled the tracks on the set but a lot of the credit should also go to lead singer Patty Hamilton, who co-wrote some of the tracks, and who has a fantastic way of putting over the songs. Titles include "This Love is Real", "Certain Kind Of Lover", "Who You Gonna Hurt Now", "Shy Boy", "I've Got Love", "Gotta Let You Go", "Oh My Love", and "How Can I Tell My Mom & Dad". 1996-2022, Dusty Groove, Inc.

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    Good info, one of the cool girl groups of the sixties.

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    Here are two other Lovelites songs not included from the album.
    Great "Lovelites" 45 labels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graham Jarvis View Post
    Here are two other Lovelites songs not included from the album.
    Great "Lovelites" 45 labels.

    Very nice of you to share these here. I'd only read about this group but never heard their music. This is interesting that the record label is named for the group. But this is fascinating too because it came out of that Chicago recording scene of the 60s and 70s. Tons of little record labels that sometimes, seemingly sprung up one day and were gone in just a few months or weeks. It's a shame the Lovelites didn't have a bigger career. There isn't anything lacking at all in these two sides. But I guess there were [[and still are) so many groups out there and only so many can cut through the competition.
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