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    Darlene love has a new christmas song

    It’s been nearly 60 years since Darlene Love’s voice became synonymous with the holiday season, thanks to her work on the landmark 1963 LP “A Christmas Gift for You From Phil Spector,” which included her signature number, “Christmas [[Baby Please Come Home).”

    Darlene Love joined forces with up-and-coming crooner Chris Ruggiero for “Grown-Up Christmas List,” a number from his album “Christmas with Chris Ruggiero,” released earlier this month.

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    Thanks Milven. Motown Eddie posted about this recently as well:


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    I love Darlene and her 'Christmas [[Baby Please Come Home)'.is my second fav Christmas song but this new one is awful!

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    A first-class stinker.

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    I had really bad expectations for this one. I’ll just say… I like the good intentions behind the song.

    I think there’s a very specific way of doing a good Christmas song, that means it’s very easy to make something quite cringey/misguided/bad/all of the above.

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    I so clearly recall 50 years ago[-ish) when the Spector lp was out of print [or at least not readily available here in The New Jersey of The USA) and I stumbled upon an 8-track boot [though I had no idea then of what boots were) of the Christmas lp. 'Twas at a {as we say now} pop-up shop on a local highway where boot 8-tracks were 3-fer-$10. "C[BPCH)" was new to me then and a joy to discover. Lo these many decades later the track has been played to filth and regretfully due to over exposure retains no charm whatsoever. Best to Darlene and the new song, though. Gotta make $ where it can be made.
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