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    The Filrtations-"Sounds Like The Flirtations" [Deram/UMe-11/18/2022]

    From uMusic.com-
    One of the most admired British-produced soul albums, American girl group the Flirtations’ Sounds Like The Flirtations, will be reissued on vinyl in a limited edition on November 18.
    The LP, originally on the Deram label, includes the Top 40 Billboard Hot 100 hit “Nothing But A Heartache,” which reached No.34 in 14-week chart run. It was also popular in the UK, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, and beyond, and became a Northern Soul classic. A remix of the track by Tobtok and Oliver Nelson was released by Decca on August 12.

    Sounds Like The Flirtations continues to be regarded as one of the best UK-produced soul records of its time, admired by New Musical Express upon release for its “Made-In-Britain Motown sound.” It’s been painstakingly remastered from the original master tapes and is being reissued in a deluxe, 1960s-style sleeve featuring flip-back heavyweight card and laminated front, with its original artwork. It features a new essay by Shindig! writer Sean Cassey.

    The group featured the Pearce sisters, Shirley and Earnestine, from South Carolina, who had earlier been in the Gypsies between 1962 and 1965 with a third sister, Betty, and Alabama native Viola Billups. After Betty’s departure, they traveled to England and renamed themselves the Flirtations, coming to the attention of Decca producer Wayne Bickerton and writing partner Tony Waddington.
    The pair became well-established writers on the UK pop scene, enjoying particular and substantial success with the Rubettes. They signed the Flirtations to Decca’s Dream label and created their debut LP with arranger-composer Johnny Harris.
    Their first release “Someone Out There” was followed a year later by “Nothing But A Heartache,” and the group toured with such stars as Stevie Wonder and Tom Jones, and frequently appeared on TV shows in the UK and internationally. Wonder co-wrote and produced [anonymously, because of his ties to Motown] the group’s last Deram single “Give Me Love.” They remain friends, and the trio are still working today.
    “We can remember how excited we were back in the day when we found out that Decca was interested in recording us on their very famous label Deram, we couldn’t believe our luck and they didn’t disappoint us in any way,” say the Flirtations. “They made us feel like superstars in every way possible… We have come full circle and we’re back together again hopefully, things will only get better on this our new journey. Much gratitude ‘DERAM.’”


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    Vinyl only huh? Bummer!

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    Thanks for sharing this, Motown Eddie! I have a few of their albums on CD and vinyl. Great girl group! Nice to see that the vinyl resurgence is giving some extra love to the more obscure groups and artists, as Honey & the Bees also have a vinyl reissue coming out soon, via Real Gone.

    I have the original US pressing of the Flirtations' Nothing But A Heartache album on vinyl. I think the Sounds Like the Flirtations LP that is being reissued is the same album, but it was issued with a different title and cover in the UK and Europe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daviddesper View Post
    Vinyl only huh? Bummer!
    The CD is still available. In fact, you can even get a signed version from The Flirtations' website But it sounds like the vinyl version is a newer remaster.

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    IIRC, the RPM CD has a skip on one of the tracks. The parent company, Cherry Red, aren't always the most scrupulous when it comes to sourcing masters... The CD is in mono. I presume the LP reissue will be in stereo.

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    That's interesting, smallworld. It's been a while since I've listened to my CD. I'll have to take a listen this week and will listen for that skip. I don't recall noticing it previously.

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    One of my favourite girl groups! pleased they have the two signed album copies for sale.
    Having had a quick look on the album sets, shame they are missing the two Jobete songs "Little Darling I Need You" & Take Me In Your Arms & Love Me". Both two great Motown versions originally issued on UK Polydor 45 from 1971.

    The "Little Darling" version was a Northern Soul favourite.


    [Sorry I uploaded them both but got the photos the wrong way round.]
    I have uploaded the 45's Deram, Parrott & the Gypsies on Old Town, if of interest.
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    I finally got around to picking up this vinyl reissue of "Sounds Like The Flirtations" and the pressing quality is excellent. Best pressing quality I've seen with any vinyl release in many years! It is noted as a 'pure analogue pressing from the original master tapes', and I can tell. Nice warm, dynamic sound. It is in a deluxe 'flip back' heavy weight card sleeve [same style as UK and EU vinyl releases from the 60s] with a glossy cover. It comes with an insert containing behind the scenes photos and new liner notes. The disc bears the original Deram label. It comes in a plain paper poly-lined sleeve. It's pressed on a 180g vinyl at Optimal in Germany, who is known for its quality pressings. It plays dead quiet [ie. No defects]. I am very pleased. Now if only all new vinyl releases could be THIS good! Clearly, the individuals behind this release are big fans of this album, as much thought and care went into it.
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    I have uploaded thirteen of the Flirtations 45's along with the Gypsies.


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    Thank you Graham.


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