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    Motown Star Strips Off At JFK Assassination Site

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    Grapevine, she was fined 500 bucks and is on 6 months probation but the video she shot and the song is still a hit.
    Much ado about nothing to me. I like Ms Badu. she can be a little silly sometimes but how many young people today
    are not?....

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    I'm so behind the times i didn't know that she was with motown,now let me say this no[motown]star would ever do that,when i think of motown i certainly don't think of ereka badu..can you imagine-mary wells-martha reeves-diana ross ever doing that-no...this chick ain't no[motown]star...maybe a porn star,motown stood for class yes i know that was when berry ran things and maybe that's the problem today...he doesn't anymore.

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    I hear you, Jai, but it's not our Motown, not even our world anymore, these younger folks are doing things their way and
    I expect sometimes they will offend us. She's not the first person to strip in public; people here in New York have done it
    to protest both wearing fur and eating meat. Sure, Berry wouldn't have allowed his acts to do it but if Brenda Holloway had
    I wouldn't say a discouraging word...

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    you're right splanky it sure ain't our world today,and ms holloway would never have done that because she had c-l-a-s-s something these-stars??? today don't know much about.

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    Even naked people can have c-l-a-s-s... just because human nudity has been wronged by e.g. some branches of the porn industry, doesn't make every naked human being without class.
    I second Ms. Badu's statements about her artistic freedom. It was Michaelangelo, Rubens, Jeff Koons, Keith Haring (among many others) before her.

    And yes, the times they HAVE been changin'... for at least four or five decades now... get used to it.

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    Hey robbert,i don't wanna see mickey and gello naked either..and no matter what her reason or her talent[yeah she can sing]she was wrong and that was a classless act and stupid to boot..that's the trouble with you apologist always runnin round talkin bout[times a changin get with it]some things don't go out of style like manners and class...ms badu keep ypour clothes on!!!

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    As with all of her songs and videos this was deeper than just being naked. There was a message. Has anyone seen the video? Here it is for those who haven't. Lets continue the discussion.

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    MissLish Guest
    What's wrong with nudity?

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    MissLish Guest
    The interesting this about this video is why she chose to do it at the JFK assassination location. That's the concept we should be discussing. It is shocking to me that grown folks are this sensitive about nudity, and possibly duplicitous as they bitch about Miss Badu's nudity, whilst surfing the Internet for porn. Have mercy and Bless!

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    I don't usually give my opinion on issues like this on SDF as fights start but I would like to this time. Yes, I agree that classic Motown would never have allowed this but times have changed so much. I would much rather a young person to watch this video of Ms. Badu instead of one where there is mindless cursing, gun loving, waving money, the n-word being said every second word, etc. Often, I wonder what today's kids will complain about for their next generation of youth regarding music and videos.

    I guess we are all just getting older but luckily, wiser.

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    They won't be complaining about anything because everybody will be naked...what was it prince said...people call me rude i wish we all were nude..won't be long prince won't be long....long live class and classic motown...where the stars sang and kept their clothes on!!

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    pshark Guest
    Classy Diana

    I really don't agree what Erykah done, but at least nobody got hurt.
    How many people died from watching a person strip? Very little I'm sure.
    And how many people died because of somebody getting behind the wheel
    of a car with a little bit too much "hooch" in their system?

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    Is that from Andrew Breitbart's website???

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    PShark, I cannot believe you went there......hehehehehe.,.........///

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    pshark Guest
    And I couldn't believe miss Ross went there

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    An American President was killed here; her metaphor here is not really strong to me. I don't think it's that big a deal if a few people saw her boobs etc. and I doubt any children would be traumatized by that. But her disrespect stands out.

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    MissLish Guest
    Nudity has also been artfully and symbolically used to depict re-birthing. I wonder what the thinking was behind Miss Badu being reborn at the exact spot where JFK was assassinated? Historians have suggested that when JFK was assassinated, American lost it's innocence. We all witnessed this from the Window Seats of our television sets. Is Miss Badu inferring that these days, once we had lost our innocence, we are now guilty of creating the current sad state of affairs in the world? A stretch? Maybe. But, I think that was the purpose of the video, to be provocative, and to provoke thought. Although it could also have been a contrived guilt-full attempt to cause controversy, draw attention and sell records. I would, however, opt out for my first premise. Miss Badu is an artist, many of her songs are thought provoking, and I think that was her intent here. Sadly, for many, the provocation of thought will begin and end with the fact that she was naked. I think the video is brilliant.

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    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa,hey pshark,if they drink the hooch i so proudly produce they won't be able to drive...or see anything for at lease three days,and no strippng either because this stuff lowers your body temperature so low that you'll be putting clothes on,had ms badu had a sip of this wonderful elixir she would have put on clothes...hooch forever!!!

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    Badu's concept for the video was indeed "rebirth". As she explained in the last minutes of the video. Of course the video didn't make sense to the song. Lol

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    I thought the video was great! .....much better than the song!


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