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    Otis Williams, Longtime Manager Shelly Berger Open Up On Temptations’ Future

    From UDiscoverMusic.com-
    Temptations co-founder Otis Williams and the group’s manager of 56 years, Shelly Berger, have spoken candidly of the group’s future after “Big Daddy” is no longer on the stage.

    With a packed tour book and yet another UK co-headline tour with the Four Tops set to begin on September 30, followed by extensive European shows, that time looks happily distant. The group’s profile remains high, as they continue their 60th anniversary celebrations that include the TEMPTATIONS60 album, released in January.

    Meanwhile, after its run on Broadway, the musical based on the group’s history, Ain’t Too Proud, is back “home” at the Detroit Opera House until August 28; its UK opening is said to be planned for early 2023. Nevertheless, the friends of six decades are pragmatic about the post-Otis era.
    “We’ve talked about that. Because I’m real with myself,” Williams said in an interview with both men in the Detroit Free Press by Brian McCollum. “I know there’s going to be a time I have come off. You know, 80 years old ain’t like 20.”

    “Not when you’re doing what he does and what the Temptations do,” adds Berger. “I mean, there are guys who can go on till 85 or 90 because they stand onstage and sing. The Temptations are a unique situation. We’ll make a stab when Otis is ready to come off the stage because he has worked too long and hard to let it go just because he’s not there.
    “But I don’t know,” the manager continues. “Because Otis is the anchor. Otis is the Temptations. So all these disparate people who come in are living on the shoulders of people long gone. They didn’t make any hits. The reason people are applauding and standing up for them is based on what somebody else did.
    “Without the anchor, just left up to their own devices, I don’t know that it could carry on. The only reason we’ve continued on to this point is Otis Williams. I’ve never tried it before without that. No matter who else was there, I’ve always had Otis Williams.”

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    IMHO, once Otis is gone, the Tempts are musical history.....

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    I have to agree with Shelly Berger and his 'on the shoulders' comment, etc. I have long been a non-fan of the franchise-group theory. Not on the records? Not a group member.

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    One Temp & one Top. When they are gone so are the groups.

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    It's too bad that Otis and Duke did not leave a solo group legacy like Miss Ross did. She showed that she can do it on her own. But the days for all of them are lessening each and every day.

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    It’s a little harsh of Shelly to say the non founding members “didn’t make any hits”. Ron Tyson has co-written and sung on many Temptations chart entries, Terry Weeks too sang on chart singles & albums. And, of course, the whole current lineup sing on the successful “60” album. The Tempts have been my absolute favourite group since I reached my teens in 64 and I value every single member’s unique contribution. OF COURSE we will miss Otis like heck when he’s no longer on stage but I for one don’t want to see the Tempts buried at that point.

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    I too have thought long and hard on this topic, and sadly when otis officially[retires] that's it for the mighty temps because he's the last link to thier greatness, but as otis said-80 ain't like 20 we all age and the time comes when we have to step aside, one of the reasons i love soulful detroit is because most fans here love the temps as much as i do...long live otis williams....temptations forever!!


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