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    Howard Hewett-"Iím For RealĖThe Elektra Recordings 1986-1992" [Cherry Red-10/14/2022]

    Deluxe collection of expanded editions of the four best-selling albums by the ever-soulful Howard Hewett whose rise to international prominence began with the global hit making trio Shalamar.
    Featuring 56 tracks, this first-of-its-kind 4CD box set is titled after ĎIím For Realí, Howardís Top 5 RnB hit single from his debut Elektra LP, ĎI Commit To Loveí.

    I COMMIT TO LOVE [Expanded Edition]
    1 Stay
    2 Iím For Real
    3 Last Forever
    4 I Commit To Love
    5 In A Crazy Way
    6 Love Donít Wanna Wait
    7 I Got 2 Go
    8 Eye On You
    9 Letís Try It All Over Again
    10 Say Amen
    Bonus Tracks
    11 Roberta Flack/Howard Hewett: Let Me Be A Light To Shine
    12 Iím For Real [Single Edit]
    13 Stay [Before Midnight Mix]
    14 Obsession [From The Heavenly Kid Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

    FOREVER AND EVER [Expanded Edition]
    1 Strange Relationship
    2 Natural Love
    3 Once, Twice, Three Times
    4 Youíll Find Another Man
    5 Forever And Ever
    6 Shakiní My Emotion
    7 Share A Love
    8 This Time
    9 Challenge
    10 Goodbye Good Friday
    11 Ainít No Mountain High Enough [with Stacey Lattisaw]
    12 Say Amen [New Vocal Version]
    Bonus Tracks
    13 The Ten Commandments of Love
    14 Strange Relationship [Extended Version]

    HOWARD HEWETT [Expanded Edition]
    1 Howard Hewett/Anita Baker Ė When Will It Be
    2 Show Me
    3 If I Could Only Have That Day Back
    4 Let Me Show You How To Fall In Love
    5 I Do
    6 The More I Get [The More I Want]
    7 Letís Get Deeper
    8 Shadow
    9 I Know Youíll Be Back
    10 Donít Give In
    11 Jesus
    Bonus Track
    12 If I Could Only Have That Day Back [12″ Extended Vocal]
    13 Canít Tell You Why

    ALLEGIANCE [Expanded Edition]
    1 To Thee I Pray: Intro
    2 Save Your Sex For Me
    3 Allegiance
    4 Can We Try Again
    5 How Fast Forever Goes
    6 Canít Get Over Your Love
    7 To Thee I Pray: Interlude
    8 Say You Will
    9 Take It To the Highest
    10 From This Day On
    11 Ronnie-O
    12 Masquerade
    13 Just Like A Woman
    14 To Thee I Pray
    Bonus Tracks
    15 David Sanborn ft. Howard Hewett: Got To Give It Up

    Howard Hewett: I'm For Real - The Elektra Recordings 1986-1992, 4CD Box Set - Cherry Red Records

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    Will get this for the bonustracks


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