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    Sticking with the Abraham Wilson theme and looking forward to his new album release coming soon:

    I've Been Waiting

    Written by Teddie Morrow Produced by Ralph and Russ Terrana

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    Here is a little more with Smooth in a duet with Nancy Jones.
    The song "One More Mountain" I wrote many years ago. My brother would tell me it was the best song I ever wrote. Who knows?
    I think it started out to be a song of some love gone wrong. However it seems to be a little darker than some standard song of heartbreak. Something almost sinister going on. Not sure where my head was at during that time. Maybe someday I'll figure it out.

    One More Mountain....https://youtu.be/GZyxT5Of2DA?si=U8KvQGEUzup1dinc

    Produced by Ralph and Russ Terrana

    Monster mix Brother Russ Terrana
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    The Sad Clown
    Written by: Teddy Morrow
    Artist: Abraham Smooth Wilson
    Produced by Ralph and Russ Terrana
    Mix: Russ Terrana {Who else?}

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    Waitin' For My Baby To Call
    Written by: Ralph Terrana
    Artist: Nancy Jones
    Produced by: Ralph Terrana
    Mix: Ralph Terrana


    A brief appearance by Smooth.
    Nice guitar work: Tom Ayers
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    Bump to top. Nancy looking in.

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    Chazz is one of those Journeyman Artists who, like the Energizer Bunny, Just keeps on ticking and releasing new music. His latest offering is a remake of the Barbara Lewis song "Hello Stranger" I know we all wish Chazz all the best on this release.

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    New Music - Thank you Ralph!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by ralpht View Post
    I am trying something new. This thread will be used for showcasing new talent. Got a song or band you think deserves recognition? Feel free to post it here and give us a chance to listen. Could be fun.
    It's always an honor to be acknowledged here on SDF. Here's the latest effort, CD #16 Can't Crush This Feeling, and if you're a Grammy member FYC. It's available where ever you buy music online but for the gang here on Soulful listen to the CD in it's entirety on youTube: https://music.youtube.com/playlist?l..._doGXceh3oNzA1

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    Thank you for posting, Chazz. I'm sure all of Soulful Detroit wishes you all the best with the new release.

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    Thanks Ralph, Waiting for My Baby To Call - Nancy Jones I like!!!
    Thee Sacred Souls - Can I Call You Rose. I got turn on to this during the pandemic, really nice feel, I thought of TOP and Tiera combined. I hope they have that energizer bunny constitution cause I wanna hear a lot more from them!!!

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    Good Morning Chazz

    Enjoying your new release especially the vocals and the music production.

    Nice to hear a different take on several of those classics!

    You got a winner with this labor of love.

    Much success and blessings!

    Abraham "Smooth" Wilson

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    Skit Skat

    Artist: Abraham Smooth Wilson [With Eva Rasul]

    Song: Skit Skat
    Writer: Teddie Morrow
    Produced by: Russ and Ralph Terrana
    Sax solo Roger Eddy

    Mix: Russ Terrana

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    A point of interest: Eva Rasul is the daughter of Philly Soul legend Bunny Sigler.

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    Song:It Only Seems Like Yesterday

    Artist"Abraham Smooth Wilson with guest artist Ralph Terrana
    Writer: Ralph Terrana
    Produced by: Ralph and Russ Terrana
    Mix: Russ Terrana

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    I received a message from a guitar player asking if we had a bridge problem with the acoustic guitar in the song. Something sounded a little off to the guy. Good ear dude, but no bridge problem. Guitar player Tom Ayers thought it might be cool to de-tune the guitar just a very little which would give it a little ¨sizzle¨ in the track. It worked. Sometimes a little herb can be most creatively helpful. Whatever it takes.
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    I posted this song a while back. A Christmas song that I post this time of year.

    The Holidays
    Writer....Teddie Morrow
    Artist....Teddie Morrow

    Produced by.... Ralph Terrana and Teddie Morrow
    Mix.....Russ Terrana

    Disregard the out of date promos.
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    This video has been around for a while but maybe newer members would enjoy it. Seeing my brother's imitation of Berry Gordy makes it worth while.

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    Went back in the archives again. This one is Russ and me reliving our life before music took completely over.


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    Back to music:
    Abraham Smooth Wlison OOOOOOH BABY
    Writer: Teddy Morrow Ralph Terrana
    Guest solo: Nancy Jones
    Lead guitar: Tom Ayers
    Produced by: Ralph and Russ Terrana
    Mix: Russ Terrana`

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    Power Of Zeus....... Uncertain Destination
    Writers: Joe Peraino Bill Jones
    Produced by: Ralph and Russ Terrana
    Mix...Russ Terrana
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    We recorded this video some years back when I still lived in California. For all you arm chair mixers, pay attention to the Master. My brother Russ.


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    One of my talented California friends doing a very good Country song written by Dan Clark. I had the pleasure of sitting in with Dan on an over dub session to play some keys on the song along with Tom Ayers on Guitar and Dan on drums. I love this song. Great job Dan.

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    A real "toe tapper." Should have been recognized long ago.

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    If you have been following this thread, you are familiar with the name Nancy Jones. I first met Nancy many years ago in Monterey, California. I was looking for a good female singer and friends at a local music store told me about this new girl in town with amazing pipes. To make a long story short I got together with Nancy and she blew me away. This was the beginning of a long friendship sharing many hours in the studio in various endeavors. Eventually we both left Monterey but always stayed in touch. Nancy has been working as a solo artist somewhere in the Carolinas and, per usual, garnering a lot of attention. ¨Resurrection Morning¨ is one of her latest offerings and can be found on Youtube under her name or ¨Nancy Jones Music´ on the internet. Give her a listen. Comments are welcome since Nancy will be looking in.


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    Everything Nancy performs is unique and moving.
    Here's another --

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    I really like this song. I wanted to post it but I thought it was not available yet. Come to think of it, Nancy sent me a link to the song a while back. Sorry for messing up, Nancy. I really love this song. One of your best. First class post production, also.
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    I may have run this before, but I´m sure newer members will enjoy the information it contains.



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