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    CENTER STAGE:Russ and Ralph discuss mixing including the phasing of Nathan Jones

    I am trying something new. This thread will be used for showcasing new talent. Got a song or band you think deserves recognition? Feel free to post it here and give us a chance to listen. Could be fun.
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    Great initiative! Looking forward to the submissions

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    Ill get the ball rolling with a song I co-produced with singer and producer Teddie Morrow.

    https://youtu.be/KfOOyy-Khds Disregard the CD Baby blurbs. Old video and I am no longer associated with them.
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    I love the idea, Ralph, and will send a recommendation soon.

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    Great idea

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    Well nobody seems to be breaking down the door to showcase a song, but I will just sit on this for now.

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    It's a real pity that Kevin Kiley has been thrown off SD, he'd have contributed to many threads in the thoughtful & knowledgeable way he always did in the past.

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    Who told you Kevin was ousted?

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    Ralph, maybe on another site? You never banned him that I can remember.

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    Thank you, Moe. Of course I never banned him. I happen to like and respect the guy. Not sure where that came from.

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    Okay, maybe I need to prime the pump to get things going. I will use one of my productions for starters. The artist is Teddie Morrow, When I Feel The Way I Feel Again Tonight. Give it your best shot. https://youtu.be/2CUIRcWm9iU

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    Can't make any promises but I may have something for you in a few weeks.

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    Thank you, MsM. So far it seems this thread is not living up to expectations.

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    Keep in mind Ralph, even if people know folks who are, or were in the biz, these folk may not be putting out any new music.

    Ronnie has something he's been talking to me about but I swear, he's like Stevie Wonder when it comes to delivering. Plus they are on tour at the moment. We shall see.

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    Ms.M, The thread was meant to be an open forum for talent, known or otherwise.

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    Yeah I understand but when you reach our age, the talent that you like isn't ready available. I think it's an excellent idea though. Give it time. It may catch on.

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    I received this Gloria Scott song from Robert Z. Let me know what you think.

    All Of The Time, You're On My Mind

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    Quote Originally Posted by ralpht View Post
    I received this Gloria Scott song from Robert Z. Let me know what you think.

    All Of The Time, You're On My Mind

    I love this track and have been streaming the entire album regularly. I've pre-ordered the CD and really look forward to seeing the liner notes.

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    Nice to see that Gloria Scott is still active in the music biz! This new single sounds good.

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    I have not been ousted from anywhere. I merely had a kerfuffle with a moderator of a Detroit Soul Facebook page.

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    Ralph, I think that by you wanting people to run the post by you instead of posting directly may be impeding this thread. Let people post what they think is worthy. It's not like members have never disagreed with others' opinions before! lol

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    Here's something from the excellent new Lee Fields lp that a lot of us can relate to!

    <a data-cke-saved-href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVOxk-Xw5Sk" href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVOxk-Xw5Sk">

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    This may be too "modern" for some, but I think it is pretty funky. I give you, St. Vincent.

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    I like it. Funky but unusual.

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    Just for kicks, Im posting a Christmas song I produced with my former production partner, Teddie Morrow. The Holidays....
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    Quote Originally Posted by ralpht View Post
    Well nobody seems to be breaking down the door to showcase a song, but I will just sit on this for now.
    Maybe everyone's scared of making any negative comments.

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    If one is afraid of a bad review they don't belong in the music business.

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    Here is a song I wrote and recorded with Teddie Morrow
    https://youtu.be/2CUIRcWm9iU......When I feel The Way I Feel Again Tonight
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    Love "When I Feel The Way I Feel Again Tonight" Ralph - I feel like shuffle grooves are few and far between anymore, and I'm a sucker for a good shuffle! Teddie's voice is amazing, and the melody of this evokes Sam Cooke to me. Thanks for sharing this!

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    Glad you like it, Drew. You're not the first that brings Sam Cooke to mind. Thank you for
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    Sticking with Teddie Morrow, this is the first song we produced together. Heavenly Father...Luther Van Dross' manager wanted it for Luther, but things didn't work out. Also the first time I put Nancy Jones, a new find, on tape. We would spend a few years together in the studio.


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    I can't seem to get off of Teddie. The guy is just that good. This song features some great guitar work by the talented Tom Ayers. https://youtu.be/KfOOyy-Khds.."Shes Using You"

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    Sticking with Teddie Morrow, the guy is just that good. Here is one that received some play in Europe awhile ago. It also features the guitar work of the incredibly talented
    Tom Ayers.


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    Here is Nancy Jones with Abe Wilson on a song I wrote a few years back I love Nancy's performance......One Wish

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    You are so right Kid. I amended the intro and opened the thread up to anyone who wishes to post a song.

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    Wish I'd come across this thread sooner, Ralph. A lot of people are unaware of a soul music revival in southern California, that's now spread across the country. The ones who are embracing the music and creating some of the best are from the Mexican-American community [if that matters, I just found it interesting]. The music of Joey Quinones, rapper Baby Bop, Los Yesterdays, and the Altons stands out. A lot of this music is throwback sounds to the '50s, '60s and '70s.

    Also, Thee Sacred Souls and Durand Jones & the Indications are gaining in popularity and well worth the listen to people who wonder if true soul music is still being made.

    Here's one of my favorites by Durand Jones & the Indications:

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    Joey Quinones is wonderful. His output is incredible and his fingerprints are all over the southern Cali soul scene. He's involved with several outfits and one of his bands is Thee Sinseers. Here's one of their tracks:

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    The Altons are one of the bands that Joey Quinones is very involved with. They record and perform together.

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    Los Yesterdays is a fun outfit and I'm looking forward to seeing what they produce. Here's a reimagining of Louie, Louie that I much prefer over every other version:

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    Thee Sacred Souls has been gaining a national following. I think they have the best chance of becoming a band that brings soul back to mainstream radio.

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    There's a lot more of this out there. People went nuts when Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak released their album as SilkSonic [and that was probably my favorite record of this century]. Most people that I know thought it was unique to release an album that comprised '70s soul for this modern era. Not surprisingly, that music stood out and won them Grammys and sold a lot of records. But rather than [re]introducing throwback music for people [like me] who are bored of hearing synthesizers and digital tricks used in over-produced modern music, it turns out they were jumping on a trend. God bless them though, because they're the best of the lot.

    If I'm ever in southern California, one of the things that will be on my itinerary will be to hear some of these bands live.

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    I like their sound Jerry. Kind of like old school. Thanks for bringing this in.

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    Re: Sacred souls: Doesn't knock me out, but they definitely have a classic R&B sound.

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    RE: Los Yesterdays: Definitely old school sounding with the ton of echo on the background singers. I'll take it over what is going on today.

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    I like the Lee Fields song and his performance. Real old school song and performance. Sort of like James Brown.

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    Thank you all for your contributions.

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    Lee Fields is one of the mainstays of the classic soul music today -

    Best regards

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    Thanks for the addition, Heikki.

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    A song I wrote for Elena Bass and later on put Abraham Smooth Wilson on the song.

    "A Moment In Time"
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    Here is another featuring Abraham Smooth Wilson. A rather timely message "Right Now" written by Teddie Morrow.

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