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    Just random tidbits

    I am in the process of perusing the Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock and Roll [[1995]].

    Read some rather interesting tidbits I thought I'd share here. Please feel free to share your interesting tidbits as well. They don't have to be Motown related; that's why I chose this forum.

    Teena Marie sang at the wedding of one of Jerry Lewis' sons and appeared in TV commercials at a young age. Further research via Google revealed that she also appeared on an episode of the Beverly Hillbillies in 1964. Was any of this mentioned on her Unsung episode?

    Bonnie Bramlett [[of Delaney and Bonnie]], a white husband and wife duo, was an Ikette in her younger years. She wore a wig and blackface.

    Here is a link to the IMDB entry for Teena Marie's Beverly Hillbillies appearance. She is listed as as Tina Marie Brockert.

    And video of Beverly Hillbillies episode:

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    Yes, that "Beverly Hillbillies" ep was mentioned on "Unsung." It's part of Teena's legend.
    Puts me in the mind of a pint-sized Shanice singing with Ella in this vintage KFC ad:

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    I'm venturing out the clubhouse and football and trying to get back into the music side of things. Does anyone remember this?

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    Wow! Wow. You're taking me down some real memory lanes here. I got that Rolling Stones Illustrated Encyclopedia of Rock and Roll, the 1980 printing. I got it on a family vacation to Houston, Texas in 1981. So, we know how kids are GLUED to their phones today, well I was GLUED to that book for nearly the entire vacation. That thing was my primary education on music of all kinds. I got it entirely because I saw it had a chapter on Motown and I was still very new to everything Motown. That chapter really painted vivid pictures about Motown. I felt like I could feel the hot summer afternoon that "I Can't Help Myself" was still a hit on the radio and the exciting rush of events surrounding the rush-release of the follow up, "It's The Same Old Song," which incidentally, I had just heard on that trip! Looking back, the chapter on Motown was very good, and I don't recall any factual errors. That chapter just ended up throwing gasoline on the fire of my passion for Motown.

    Even better thought, I started reading all the other chapters in that book and it was fascinating to learn about all of these other record labels, artists, trends and such. That book is comprehensive and even when I thought I had no interest in someone like Elvis Costello, I'd find out there was plenty to be interested in. I still have that book. It's well-worn but I don't want another copy. That book matured my tastes in music to encompass just about all of it.


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