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    silly Johnny I guess you didnt see the hehe jk=just kidding

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    YOU STINKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I did...but I didn't understand your abreviations

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    Tony...just for that, I'm going to play JMC's "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and make your ears bleed...

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    And now for the Velvelttes....I knew there was a way to get them in this show!

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    Tone, Tone, Tone, I had to take my post back! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too bad I fell for it.

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    OH NO! I dont have any tissue to clean my ears

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    lol Joseph what do you mean by actual?

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    I started to say that when "Lily" was playing I was actually thinking that it was the b-side of something. But I didn't want to look it up! So when you said that it made sense. And I forgot to erase the sentence when I decided not to express the thought:-)

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    Hi John,
    Did my question above listening on an android phone get lost in the shuffle?
    Also, does Where Did You Go by the Four Tops meet the criteria for tonight? If yes, could you please play it?

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    MotownSteve.....I have no clue about androidphone...not at all. But I will play the Tops for you!

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    Thanks, John

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    I got confused by your new moniker....

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    lol Soph

    wow JP we are already in the 3rd big fat hour! Loving the show tonight.

    (someones birthday is 2 weeks from tonight)

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    Yes you totally have permission to play dark side of the world

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    "Where Did You Go" was the b/side of "Ask The Lonely". I ain't sayin', I'm just sayin'. It's a great song, and I enjoyed hearing it:-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by lovechild View Post
    (someones birthday is 2 weeks from tonight)
    Oops! Thought two weeks before, would have been yesterday.

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    The Heavenly Miss Mary Wells. Thanks John.

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    Tony and Joseph and Jim and MotownSteve......thank you all a lot! Have a great week!

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    I like both versions of Keep an Eye thanks for playing it Johnny

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    LOL I Love I Found That Girl

    (sorry but it was the b-side to I'll Be There?)

    Thanks for a great show John. sorry I was picking on you tonight,not used to the hot weather this summer.

    Have a great week all!

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    Filler out. Great show John, Thanks. Thanks everyone.

    Tone, I hear you. It would be nice if we didn't go from 75 to 90 degrees in one day. But I do love the sunshine.

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    So you got "Let Love Live".........

    I'm more than happy.............I'm satisfied!

    Can I just say, even though it is way too late, that the flip side of Shorty Long's Here Comes The Judge was "Sing What You Wanna".

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    Quote Originally Posted by theboyfromxtown View Post
    I'm satisfied!
    Are you SO satisfied!?

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    That was a long long time ago!



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