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    Regal Funkharmonic - Strung Out On Motown

    Stuck indoors due to bad weather I took some more time out to visit the pile of records that need transferring to DC and the Ipod and top of the pile was this rather peculiar album from the 80's. I see Russ, Gil Askey and Hal Davis were on prodcution duties. Was this the labels answer to the UK's Switched On or Jive Bunny sets? or if not anyone know how this came about?Name:  R-3011533-1328460880.jpg
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    I have a download of this album which must be ripped from vinyl. I don’t know much about it, other than it contains 6 discofied medleys of Motown tracks. Sort of like Shalamar's "Uptown Festival", but not quite as good.


    I remembering thinking that the medleys might be lavishly draped in strings [considering the album's title is ‘Strung Out’ and the supposed artist is the ‘Regal Funkharmonic Orchestra’] but it just sounded more like cheap disco to my ears. An interesting album though!
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    Motown produced quite a lot of interesting instrumental albums. I did have this on vinyl and played it only a handful of times. The medley thing was popular for a while. Some of the Motown Superstar releases have medleys by the artist concerned.


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