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    The Supremes Mary Wilson Jean Terrell and Lynda Laurence with The Temptations. TCB

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    The only case I can make for the ladies doing this song is that it was an original composition, specifically for the Supremes and the Tempts, and that continuing to perform it might have allowed it to attain some type of standard status. True, it was also a good way to introduce the two acts on the same bill, but I think "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me" would've made a better choice.

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    The song is missing the magic of Diana Ross. It’s the same as when peeps have covered her solo songs. It’s just never quite as good.

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    When this line up of Supremes returned to doing a variation of the DRATS show, this was a sign that things were going downhill rapidly for the group.

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    on the bootleg i have of their tour at Valley Forge, they use IGMYLM as an encore which sounds just great. then i think they end with Rhythm of Life

    but yeah, bring back the DRATS song book was a very poor choice. i don't know if you could have tried to come up with a less relevant strategy than that. Someone on here mentioned that by early 72, things were really slipping for the group. this was even before Lynda joined. their record sales had plummeted through the year - NJ in spring sold a million but i think everyone expected it to do as well or better than SL. and of course it didn't. then Return Mag 7 bombed as did the single, then the Touch single and lp bombed. And Dynamite was essentially worthless. so all of this rapid decompression with the record sales started to translate to lower ticket sales too. they did their final Frontier Hotel show in early 72 i think - and supposedly the hotel did not opt to renew the group.

    so everyone was panicking and i guess they thought - well the group was selling out when it was DRATS so let's go back to that.


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