Dome 30 Years Vol 1 collects 25 tracks from the likes of Brenda Russell, Rosie Gaines, Shaun Escoffery, and, of course, Incognito, who contribute a new reading of Idris Muhammad’s 1977 jazzy disco-funk classic, “Could Heaven Ever Be Like This.” Founder Bluey fronts the remake, injecting his trademark calm-and-collected tone into the tune’s dreamy melodies against a revamped rhythmic structure on par with Incognito’s signature hybrid of classic and modern soul elements.
The late Muhammad’s masterful drum work and vocalist Frank Floyd’s impassioned performance on the original “Could Heaven Ever Be Like This”—along with its ethereal sax section—could never be recaptured. Bluey and company, however, make a commendable effort which celebrates the song’s sophisticated essence without attempting to replicate its singularity.