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    Early Motown Promo Albums

    So far I've only been able to find two pre-1968 promotional albums issued by Motown that have promo labels or promo text added to the labels and not just a "Disc Jockey Copy" or "Promotional Copy" stamp on the cover.

    The Great Gospel Stars:
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    Motortown Revue Vol. 2:
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    Are there any others? I've heard that a promo of the first Marvin Gaye album exists with the same style promo-label as the Gospel Stars, but I've never seen it, and it's a difficult topic to research with how many people mistake the early white Tamla label as a promo.


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    "Gospel Stars" is the only one I own and was aware of before your post, which I'm glad you did as now I have yet another record to search for! I was totally unaware of the Motortown Revue Vol 2 audition copy.

    I totally get what you're saying though about so many sellers erroneously listing all the early white label Tamla LP releases as promos. It drives me up the wall but by the same token there are some early logo Tamla 45's that were pressed with white labels that do not mention DJ, promotional or audition copy, but I've always assumed they are/were promos. Ah the joys of collecting all the variations you can find!

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    Cool! Even if there are no more early promo LPs, at least this might be able to help someone in the future trying to research the same thing. The Motortown Revue Vol 2 omits the Marvelettes medley and one Vandellas version of "It's Alright". The promo/audition LP is also "banded" - the normal version is not.


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