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    I see
    I didn’t realize this was something Jean did with most/all of the songs .

    Did Mary comment on this in her recollections ?? I’m wondering how she felt about it.
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    I imagine there are always people who complain about any one singer's way of doing things, but it seems like this idea of "sing the song straight" with little to no deviation from a standard way of doing it, is something I only read in this forum as it relates to Jean. I usually read nothing but praises for artists who take artistic liberties, so I find it difficult to believe that 70s audiences had a problem with the way Jean handled these songs. Seems like a post-Supremes disbandment fan issue. I've also never once had a problem understanding what song Jean is singing. She does it her way. I would think the only people at the time who had a problem were the ones who still believed that Diana Ross was still in the group. Lol I don't think anybody at the time expected the songs to be exact replicas of their originals, not in the age of Aretha and the countless other acts who were twisting and turning every song under the sun. For my personal tastes, Jean's approach to the Supremes was exactly what the new group needed.


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