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    Supremes tour vehicles

    with the itinerary that we've built up from the various EE booklets and all, there is some general rhyme or reason to their tour schedules. often they would do a series of 1-nighters within a geographic region

    does anyone know their travel accommodations and all? yes they would have flown some, especially with the longer distance ones. But if the dates were within New England or the midwest, did they drive? would they rent a few cadillacs so it was comfortable? not every smaller city or college town they were in had an airport with commercial service

    interesting that there's really no photographs of any of the tour travel except from the early ones

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    Interesting question. This would have been something to ask Mary at a post show signing or on her youtube channel, but alas. Maybe someone on this forum did ask her this at some point.

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    Here is a link to a very brief thread a few years ago where I referenced a biog on the Lovin' Spoonful which stated they shared a tour bus with the Supremes in 1965.


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    I believe when they were doing a series of one-night shows at colleges and theatres throughout the mid-60s, they were using a tour bus especially if those dates were around Michigan and Northeast. They would fly to locations west and south. I have an article from early 1968 about their bus driving through a hail storm on their way to performance date.

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    I know that they used tour buses during the review tours [[Motor Town, Dick Clark), but I believe that they mainly traveled via Limo's. Nearly every candid photo I have seen of them, after their shows or leaving the venues, I always saw them either in Limos or cars. It was likely mainly by car. I recall Florence Ballard briefly speaking about their engagement at Leo's casino in Cleveland Ohio, and she briefly mentioned how they drove to the city in a few Cadillacs from Detroit.


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