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Thread: you tube clips

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    you tube clips

    please can somebody advise me onhow to display you tubeclips with a visual post rather than just a text web address?

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    If you’re on a mobile phone, you’ll need to scroll to the bottom center of the page and select “Full Site” to access “Soulful Detroit 2012” mode. [On a PC/tablet, it’s a dropdown at the bottom left of the page that you can toggle from “mobile site” [I think] to SD2012 mode.] Once there, as you’re posting a message, select the icon above the message box that looks like a strip of film. Insert your link in the pop-up that appears, select “OK” [IIRC] and you should be all set. Hope this helps.
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    many thanks
    i'll have a try .
    any failure is my incompetence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snakepit View Post
    many thanks
    i'll have a try .
    any failure is my incompetence.
    You’re more than welcome. Good luck!

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    hello sansradio
    I tried it but it is stil posting the web link only and not the video clip.
    not to worry
    thanks again

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    Sorry you're having trouble.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snakepit View Post
    Just look at what you've done. You've really taken me down some especially poignant Memory Roads here. "Mother Nature" takes me BACK. Back to when me and my brothers were young and playing this album in the basement while making up some kind of silly games where we'd just throw a Nerf ball at each other. And the time my father took me to the city yards because he knew how much I liked traffic lights, so he talked someone from the city into giving us an old one. Happy memories are so odd because they make you sad too, that you're just not going to ever be that wide-eyed and easily fascinated by everything again. Still, this is a very nice trip to take tonight.


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