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    Billboard's Hot 100/ Top 40 Motown Chronicles - 1972 Pt. 1

    Hot 1
    00/ Top 40
    Chart #1

    Jan. 1, 1972

    previously on Motown and Billboard's
    Hot 100/ Top 40 :

    The New Year of 1972 enters like a lamb. The first #1 song of 1972 is the same as the last one for 1971. The Top 10 is also mostly the same with only slight moves or repeated positions for most songs and only one new entry. The Top 40 recruits just four new singles.
    Motown is especially stagnant: Same Top Ten record, same four Top 40 singles, same eight charters on the Hot 100, none on fire save SUGAR DADDY by The J5.

    The Top 10:

    Melanie's BRAND NEW KEY [aka: THE ROLLER SKATE SONG] repeats its #1 position for a second week. AMERICAN PIE by Don McLean moves up one place to #2 from #3 and The Family Stone's FAMILY AFFAIR makes room by dropping to #3. Michael Jackson's got to be at #5 doing so for the third time with GOT TO BE THERE.
    Just one new song enters the Top 10. Newcomer Jonathan Edwards SUNSHINE on Capricorn Records is up 5 to #8 from #13. All Jon needed to get in was for Sonny and Cher to get out with their ALL I EVER NEED IS YOU, as they did, just barely, down to #11 from #7.

    The Top 40:

    ^HEY BIG BROTHER - Rare Earth #28 up 4 from #32.
    ^SUGAR DADDY - Jackson Five #21 up 10 from #31
    SUPERSTAR [REMEMBER HOW YOU GOT WHERE YOU ARE] - The Temptations #30 down 12 from #18

    Biggest mover on the chart: tie} SUGAR DADDY, The Jackson Five [#21 from #31], and DROWNING IN THE SEA OF LOVE, Joe Simon [#18 from #28], both advancing ten places.

    New to the Top 40: A third light week in a row with 4 new songs, all from somewhat newbies:

    Highest debut:
    - Think - #32 up 13 from #45 [First time artist] [One Hit Wonder]

    ANTICIPATION - Carly Simon - #36 up 7 from #43 - [2nd Top 40 hit]
    ITS ONE OF THOSE NIGHT [YES LOVE] - The Partridge Family- #37 up 7 from #44 - [5th Top 40 hit]
    LEVON - Elton John - #40 up 17 from #57 - [3rd Top 40 hit]

    This year the chart coverage will include a listing of all songs debuting on The Hot 100, not just those from Motown and proxies.

    Seven Hot 100 Debuts, none from Motown:

    #56 - STAY WITH ME - Faces
    #81 - PRECIOUS AND FEW - Climax
    #87 - BANG A GONG [GET IT ON] - T. Rex
    #89 - LION SLEEPS TONIGHT - Robert John
    #90 - TOGETHER LET'S FIND LOVE - The Fifth Dimension
    #99 - TUPELO HONEY - Van Morrison
    #100 - JOY - Apollo

    none from Motown

    3rd week: ^MAKE ME THE WOMAN THAT YOU GO HOME TO - Gladys Knight and the Pips- #46 up 2 from #48
    3rd week: ^YOU MAKE YOUR OWN HEAVEN AND HELL RIGHT HERE ON EARTH - Undisputed Truth - #83 up 2 from #85
    5th week: ^WAY BACK HOME - Jr. Walker & The All Stars - #74 up 1 from #75
    8th week: ^SATISFACTION - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - #49 up 4 from #53


    A good week for:
    the Rod Stewart Band that evolved from the group Small Faces. Not only is their STAY WITH ME single this week's highest Hot 100 debut at #56, but Rod Stewart's remake of The Temptations [I KNOW] I'M LOSING YOU is in the Top 40, although it slips a bit to #29 from #24 [its peak]. An unusual oversight, Billboard has not credited Faces on the record's chart listing but the 45 is labeled as Rod Stewart with Faces.


    Quite a bit of Motown product gets reviewed in Billboard this week:
    New albums by
    Gladys Knight - STANDING OVATION --- ["Each cut is like a vocal drama with Miss Knight supplying the soul and inspiration"]
    Rare Earth - IN CONCERT --- ["captures them at their best"],
    Junior Walker - MOODY JR ---["sounding stronger than ever".]

    And amongst new singles this week, just one gets singled out with a prediction of being top 20 bound:
    Supremes: FLOY JOY---
    [Prod:"Smokey")[Writer: Robinson[[Jobete,BMI) -"Trio kicks off the new year with an infectious rhythm item that has it to prove as big as Sattan [sic] Jones."]


    This week two covers of Motown former hits are on the Top 40:
    WHERE DID OUR LOVE GO - Donnie Elbert peaking last week at #15, this week slips to #22. 35 year-old Donnie Elbert, an artist since the mid- fifties, finally hits pay dirt and delivers Sylvia Robinson's All Platinum Records their first hit. WHERE DID OUR LOVE GO was the breakthrough single for The Supremes in 1964 going all the way to #1 for two weeks on the Hot 100.

    I KNOW I'M LOSING YOU - Rod Stewart - Also peaking last week, at #24 now #29, a remake of The Temptations hit of 1966 that peaked at #8. In 1970 Rare Earth remade the song and their version reached #7. [Rod's version also #4 in Canada, ignored in the UK]:

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    That was a massive amount of work to construct this thread. Thank you for your efforts it is appreciated. I wish I were that talented.

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    Quote Originally Posted by woodward View Post
    That was a massive amount of work to construct this thread. Thank you for your efforts it is appreciated. I wish I were that talented.
    Thank you Woodward.
    It flows pretty readily once I formulate it in my mind. Iím enjoying re-reading these old Billboards with a fresh eye.
    I tried to simplify it for this coming year but found it less satisfying and have wound up adding more instead! Lol!
    Iím going to divide the year into thirds or quarters so I can add more along the way without creating a log jam. For instance , up to three YouTubes can be inserted but Iíve kept it down to two to avoid overload, so Iíve had to select some entries at the expense of others.
    I hope youíll stay tuned ! 1972 is an interesting year for Motown and the Hot 100!

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    Hot 1
    00/ Top 40
    Chart #2

    Jan. 8, 1972

    Not a lot of dynamic action on the chart during this slow season. A repeat record at #1, four new Top 40s, seven new Hot 100s.
    Just 46 singles were reviewed in Billboard this week, a very low number. By comparison, for the September 11th, 1971 issue of the magazine [randomly selected date,] 152 singles were submitted.

    Motown improves its presence. Their premiere hit makers prevail: Michael Jackson's GOT TO BE THERE remains fixed at #5 for its fourth week, while the brothers' SUGAR DADDY continues its surge, nine places up this week to #12.
    One Motown record becomes a top 40 hit, while another new one enters the Hot 100 for a total of nine charters.

    The Top 10:

    BRAND NEW KEY holds at #1 for this brand new year, third week now for Melanie, while Don McLean's AMERICAN PIE holds at #2, as does Sly's FAMILY AFFAIR at #3. The biggest record in the Top 10 is Al Green's LET'S STAY TOGETHER, in at #4 from #14. One other song enters the Top 10, I'D LIKE TO TEACH THE WORLD TO SING at #8 from #12, and its the New Seekers version.
    Two in, two out: AN OLD FASHIONED LOVE SONG, a Paul Williams song intended for The Carpenters but scooped up by Three Dog Night, a huge sink from #4 to #18 and similarly, HAVE YOU SEEN HER by The Chi-Lites dives to #19 from #6.

    The Top 40

    ^SUGAR DADDY - Jackson Five another strong leap after 10 notches last week: #12 up 9 from #21
    ^HEY BIG BROTHER - Rare Earth: bigger bump this week: #22 up 6 from #28.
    SUPERSTAR [REMEMBER HOW YOU GOT WHERE YOU ARE] - The Temptations, hangs on for a final Top 40 charting: #39 down 9 from #30.

    Biggest mover on the chart: ANTICIPATION - Carly Simon to #23, a big leap of 13 from #36
    Offs: None from Motown

    New to the Top 40: A fourth light week in a row with 4 new songs, 2 from returning performers and two from newbies:
    Highest debut:
    NEVER BEEN TO SPAIN - Three Dog Night - #24 up 19 from #43 [12th Top 40 hit]

    - Redbone #29 up 16 from #45 [*First Time Artist]
    THAT'S THE WAY I FEEL ABOUT CHA' - Bobby Womack -#37 up 11 from #48 [*First Time Artist]
    MAKE ME THE WOMAN THAT YOU GO HOME TO - Gladys Knight and the Pips- #38 up 8 from #46 [13th Top 40 hit]

    The Hot 100:

    Seven Hot 100 Debuts, one from Motown, three by proxy

    #83 - ANOTHER PUFF - Jerry Reed
    #85 FEELIN' ALRIGHT - Joe Cocker
    #92 YOU WANT IT, YOU GOT IT - Detroit Emeralds Detroit label
    #96 - IF I COULD SEE THE LIGHT - 8th Day Invictus HDH label
    #98 - FLOY JOY - Supremes
    #99 - FOOTSTOMPIN' MUSIC - Grand Funk Railroad
    #100 - THE ROAD WE DIDN'T TAKE - Freda Payne HDH produced/written, Invictus label

    1st week ^ FLOY JOY - Supremes - #98
    - DEBUT

    4th week: ^YOU MAKE YOUR OWN HEAVEN AND HELL RIGHT HERE ON EARTH - Undisputed Truth - #74 up 7 from #83
    6th week: ^WAY BACK HOME - Jr. Walker & The All Stars - #70 up 4 from #74
    8th week: SATISFACTION - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles -#65 down 16 from #49

    A very good week for :
    George Harrison
    advancing up the chart with a record he produced for Badfinger on his Apple label, DAY AFTER DAY is in the Top 20 at #16.
    But most importantly, his three record album set of his CONCERT FOR BANGLA DESH is this week's highest entry onto Billboard's Top 200 LPs chart, entering at #14. Retailers are reporting the 12.98 priced lavish box set gave the Christmas music giving season a welcomed bonus. More about this event next week.

    No singles will be released from this project, so no Hot 100 activity will result from it.

    Also a very good week for:
    teen idols
    three of them in the top ten: Michael Jackson with GOT TO BE THERE #5 , David Cassidy with CHERISH #9 ,Donny Osmond with HEY GIRL #10.


    As well as a good week for:
    Isaac Hayes
    His former #1 song, THEME FROM SHAFT, is still in the Top 40, now at #32, while The Emotions move up 10 to #56 with SHOW ME HOW, a ballad written and produced by Hayes with David Porter.
    Meanwhile on the Soul LPs chart, Isaac is at #2 and #3: with BLACK MOSES up one to #2 and the SHAFT ST trading places to #3. [ at #1: THERE'S A RIOT GOING ON - Sly & The Family Stone]

    This week's UK chart didn't make it to press, allowing an opportunity to canvas the rest of the world, with 16 countries reporting their Top 10 or Top 20 most popular songs [Canada also missing in this edition], there is this: not a single location lists a charting hit by a Motown artist.
    What continues to sweep the globe is MAMMY BLUE, on 13 charts, most often at #1 by various artists, mostly the Pop Tops.

    Don't blink or you'll miss it:
    Always on the watch for double-sided hit singles , this week during its last appearance on the Top 40 /Hot 100, Neil Diamond's current hit, now #36, becomes a double header with CRUNCHY GRANOLA SUITE getting shared billing with STONES. CRUNCHY GRANOLA is a favorite of Neil's , he'll include it in performances often and it gets an elaborate presentation on his upcoming HOT AUGUST NIGHT live album. Diamond has commented the song was in response to moving to California and being newly exposed to healthier eating fads there.
    One other two-song record on the Hot 100: Donny Osmond's HEY GIRL/ I KNEW YOU WHEN


    Last chance to acknowledge a Philly party record that taps into Bobby Martin's funkier side that's been riding the Soul Singles chart for five weeks [#29 peak], but now looks like it'll slip away:

    With the SHUT YOUR MOUTH cue, we sign off: 10,000 character limit for a post reached.
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