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    The Trammps: "Burn Baby Burn" 1975-1980, 8CD Box Set [Cherry Red UK-3/25/2022]

    • The complete Trammps’ albums from 1975 through 1980 including all of their biggest hits on eight fantastic CDs.
    • Featuring the albums ‘The Trammps’, ‘The Legendary Zing Album’, ‘Where The Happy People Go’, ‘Disco Inferno’, ‘III’, ‘The Whole World’s Dancing’, ‘Mixin’ It Up’ and ‘Slipping Out’.
    • With comprehensive sleeve notes by MOJO and Record Collector’s contributor Charles Waring.
    ‘The Trammps’ features the single ‘Love Epidemic’ which was to launch them into the world of Disco, their next Album ‘The Legendary Zing Album’ propelled them into Disco superstardom, featuring the Top 10 US R&B and top five UK smash hit ‘Hold Back The Night’, the album also features the singles ‘Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart’ and ‘Sixty Minute Man’.
    Then came their Atlantic label debut ‘Where The Happy People Go’ and the single of the same name that charted in the US and UK; the album also features the single ‘Soul Searchin’ Time’, the 7” version featuring as a bonus track.
    ‘Disco Inferno’, probably the Trammps’ best known track featured on the album of the same name, this ten-minute-plus smash also featured on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, which spawned one of the biggest selling soundtrack albums of all time. The single went Top10 R&B in America and Top 20 in the UK Chart. The album, certified Gold in the USA, also featured the single ‘I Feel Like I’ve Been Living [On The Dark Side Of The Moon]’. The track ‘Disco Inferno’ was inducted into the Dance Music Hall of Fame.
    If there’s one song that epitomises the disco era at its glorious fiery zenith, it’s ‘Disco Inferno,’ an incendiary dance floor anthem that brought the Philadelphia group immortality. Covered by artists as diverse as Tina Turner and Cyndi Lauper and sampled by both Madonna and Notorious BIG, ‘Disco Inferno’ marks the undoubted highpoint of their career. That said, the 74 songs featured on this 8CD box set are the epitome of Disco of the late ‘70s.
    Track Listing:
    1 Stop and Think
    2 Trusting Heart
    3 Every Dream I Dream Is You
    4 Love Epidemic
    5 Save A Place
    6 Trammps Disco Theme
    7 Where Do We Go from Here
    8 Down Three Dark Streets
    9 I Know That Feeling
    10 Shout

    The Legendary Zing Album
    1 Penguin at the Big Apple / Zing Went the Strings of My Heart
    2 Pray All You Sinners
    3 Sixty Minute Man
    4 Scruboard
    5 Tom’s Song
    6 Rubber Band
    7 Hold Back the Night
    Bonus Tracks-
    8 Penguin at the Big Apple
    9 Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart [7” Version]

    Where The Happy People Go
    1 Soul Searchin’ Time
    2 That’s Where The Happy People Go
    3 Can We Come Together
    4 Disco Party
    5 Ninety-Nine And A Half
    6 Hooked For Life
    7 Love Is A Funky Thing
    Bonus Tracks-
    8 Soul Searchin’ Time [Single Edit]
    9 That’s Where The Happy People Go [Single Edit]
    10 Ninety-Nine And A Half [Single Edit]
    11 Hooked For Life [Single Edit]

    Disco Inferno
    1 Body Contact Contract
    2 Starvin’
    3 I Feel Like I’ve Been Living [On The Dark Side Of The Moon]
    4 Disco Inferno
    5 Don’t Burn No Bridges
    6 You Touch My Hot Line
    Bonus Track-
    7 Disco Inferno [Single Edit]

    1 The Night The Lights Went Out
    2 Love Per Hour
    3 People Of The World Rise
    4 Living The Life
    5 Seasons For The Girls
    6 Life Ain’t Been Easy
    7 I’m So Glad You Came Along
    8 It Don’t Take Much
    Bonus Tracks-
    9 The Night The Lights Went Out [Single Edit]
    10 Seasons For Girls [Single Edit]

    The Whole World’s Dancing
    1 Love Insurance Policy
    2 Teaser
    3 The Whole World’s Dancing
    4 My Love, It’s Never Been Better
    5 Soul Bones
    6 Love Magnet
    7 More Good Times To Remember
    Bonus Tracks-
    8 Teaser [Single Edit]
    9 The Whole World’s Dancing [Single Edit]

    Mixin’ It Up
    1 Hard Rock And Disco
    2 You Can Make It
    3 Music Freek
    4 Dance Contest
    5 Everybody Boogie
    6 VIP
    7 Let Me Dance Real Close
    8 Wake Me Up From Yesterday
    Bonus Track-
    9 Hard Rock And Disco [Single Edit]

    Slipping Out
    1 Loveland
    2 Trained-Eye
    3 Mellow Out
    4 Groove All Mighty
    5 Looking For You
    6 Our Thought [Slipping Away]
    7 I Don’t Want To Ever Lose Your Love
    8 Is There Any Room For Me
    9 Breathtaking View

    The Trammps: Burn Baby Burn - Disco Inferno - The Trammps Albums 1975-1980, 8CD Box Set - Cherry Red Records

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    CDs still being released in March................I like it!!!!

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    A worthy release. I can fondly remember the 'Zing' single and my band fav 'Hold Back The Night'.

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    Jimmy Ellis probably has my favorite male disco voice, with its presence greatly enhanced by BHY talent :

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    Pre-order links for Burn Baby Burn from Amazon:

    Burn Baby Burn - Disco Inferno - The Trammps Albums 1975-1980 [8CD Boxset]: Amazon.co.uk: CDs & Vinyl

    USA-Coming Soon.

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    Have personal memories of this one


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