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    Florence Ballard vocals on "Funny Girl" ?

    Hello Form.

    I was listening to the album "Diana Ross and the Supremes sing and perform Funny Girl" and as I was listening to the track "I'm the greatest star" I heard the strangest thing.

    As I was listening to the track, I noticed that the vocals switched from The Andantes to The Supremes continuously throughout the song. On the youtube video, at around 3:32 seconds, I heard a very familiar voice of Florence Ballard with Mary Wilson as they sang the line "Have you guessed yet, who's the yet?"

    [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqsj61RVPEY: Link to "I'm The Greatest Star)

    I initially thought that they were the voices of the Andantes, however after replaying the song I noticed that these vocals sounded a bit different than the vocals of the Andantes or of Cindy Birdsong.
    I believed that these recording sessions all happened in 1968. I looked on the Diana Ross timeline website [[http://dianarosssupremes.free.fr/Timeline%201967.htm)
    and on the date of September the 6th 1967, it says that there was a photo session for the "Funny Girl" albums cover.
    This would mean that the album was in the works by September of 1967.

    I did further research on the 1968 film staring Barbara Streisand and according to a 1967 article I obtained on website Newspapers.com, from the publication "The News and Observer" [[North Carolina), it states that Streisand had already began filming by June of 1967.

    I understand that The Supremes were performing in Los Angeles at the Coconut Grove in June of 1967, I also understand that they would often record songs in Los Angeles as-well. Could there be a possibility that they recorded this track during the time of their engagement at the Grove in 1967 ?

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    The FUNNY GIRL album was recorded over two days in the summer of 1968, so that they could beat Streisand's original movie soundtrack to the stores. I doubt it was in the works a year earlier.

    However, it is true that many of the photos on the album cover are from 1967 but they weren't for FUNNY GIRL specifically. They were just photo shoots for publicity purposes as Cindy was new to the group and they ended up being for the album. I think a few of Diana's solo pics might even be from 1966.
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