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    The Debonaires on Golden World

    Been talking with Diane from the group, and she is looking for any photos or even better, video footage of the group
    I believe they were on a Canadian show, but all the tapes got wiped
    She has seen only 2 or 3 photos [[2 promotional & one non), and would love to see more
    thanks in advance

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    Jim, since you are in touch with Diane from the group, just wondering. Is the group still performing these days? I wish you would do a writeup on the group. They rarely if ever get any coverage on the SDF. Their songs are safely protected in the Motown vaults. Just maybe someday they will be rereleased for the world to listen to them.

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    Who were the Debonaires? They were a Motown group?

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    No, They were an act recording for Golden World.....who were sold to Motown and thus Motown should have the rights to their recordings, and the masters.

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    The Debonaires' singles on Golden World were:

    GW17 Please Don't Say We're Through/ A Little Too Long
    GW21 Eenie Meenie Gypsaleenie/ Please Don't Say We're Through
    GW38 How's Your New Love Treating You/ Big Time Fun
    GW44 C.O.D. [Collect On Delivery]/ How's Your New Love Treating You

    They also recorded on the Solid Hit Label:

    102 Headache In My Heart/ Loving You Takes All My Time
    104 I'm In Love Again/ Headache In My Heart

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    Graham Finch recently posted his interview with Elsie and Diane on another forum. It's a voice recording only, but there is a slideshow with at least 4 different images of the group plus concert ad clippings. I'm sure someone else on the forum is in touch with him and could ask for the image files he used for the video.

    By the way, I saw them perform at the Detroit A-Go-Go event a couple years ago at Bert's in Eastern Market, and they were by far the best performance of the entire weekend.


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