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    Question RE: Irma Thomas' Ruler of Hearts CD

    I was playing this CD today and heard some funny beeps on tracks 8 and 16. Sort of like the sound hospital monitors make. It happens about 4 times on track 8 and once on track 16. I tried it on two different players with the same result.

    Does anyone else have that same issue or is this just a defect on my copy?

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    Ruler Of Hearts was the first compilation to feature ALL of Irma's Minit/Bandy sides. [[Charly has apparently re-released these sides a few times under various titles, but I'm not sure they are the same masterings). The LP features 16 songs [[the 14 single sides plus 2 demos), and the CD adds 8 songs from a 1976 live performance. The CD is very strange and mysterious. Sound quality ranges from adequate to atrocious. Some tracks are probably sourced from acetates or vinyl [[some seem to have groove wear while others include tell-tale clicks), and many appear longer here than anywhere else on my list. Several songs appear to be alternate mixes, but it could be the result of severe EQ and compression. The LP doesn't sound as good as the CD. It seems to be sourced from the same basic master, with a bunch of bass distortion added. It has clicking in the exact same spots as the CD.


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