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    Motown Labels Numbering System

    I've read that the Tamla 54000 numbering system is a sort of tribute to Berry Gordy's first hit with Jackie Wilson, "Reet Petite" on Brunswick 55024. And Motown seems pretty straight forward when they started with 1000 series, but is there any rhyme or reason to the 45 numbering system for the rest of the Motown subsidiaries? Some seem a little more obvious like Mel-O-dy and Miracle, but others are curious like Divinity, Soul, and V.I.P.

    Divinity: 99000
    Gordy: 7000
    MC: 5000
    Mel-o-dy: 100
    Melodyland/Hitsville: 6000
    Miracle: 1
    MoWest: 5000
    Natural Resources: 6000
    Prodigal: 0600
    Rare Earth: 5000
    Soul: 35000
    V.I.P.: 25000
    Workshop Jazz: 2000

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    Something ive always wanted to know too.

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    I doubt if there's any particular significance to the series that start with numbers ending in "0". They had to use something and one number's as good as another. Active series for existing labels would be better avoided when launching new labels.


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